They Called Celtic A “One Man Team”. Now They Say Morelos’ Injury Ends Their Season.

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Remember when they were calling us a one-man team earlier in the season?

It was being used as a stick to beat us with.

We had assembled an expensive squad but it all comes down to one player, and if something happened to him we were done.

Now the same people are using Morelos’ injury and the news that his season is over to offer an alibi to the club from Ibrox. Amazing how they can take the same story, and the same point, but spin it in two entirely different ways.

For the record, and as the record shows, we weren’t a one-man team at all.

We have powered to our six-point lead largely without that one man – Kyogo Furuhashi.

We have had a load of other injuries along the way. But it suited the press to make that argument when they were trying to pile pressure on our shoulders.

Now they are using it to remove pressure from theirs.

This will be the reason when we beat them in the Scottish Cup.

It will be used as the excuse when they don’t win the Europa League.

Their trophyless season will be blamed on an injury to Morelos at “the business end of the campaign.”

This garbage was being trotted out by Scotland’s worst mainstream journalist, Joel Sked, today in an article which admitted that Morelos has barely made an impact on the season.

But apparently the Celtic defence would have struggled to cope with him.

This wholly contradictory argument sums up the stupidity of these Peepul.

Isn’t Kemar Roofe on some mega-bucks contract? Are we really to believe that he’s a waste of space? Isn’t Sakala supposed to be some kind of superstar footballer? Are we now meant to believe that he’s not worth a damn?

Funny that none of this was being reported when they were boasting about how they could put out three different teams “to compete on all fronts” isn’t it?

You’d almost think that those stories were a load of old bollocks and that all involved knew it.

Roofe has been a waste of money. Sakala hasn’t done much to suggest that he isn’t.

But then, Fred The Ned isn’t that great a player either.

We are six clear. They were dropping points with this guy in the team and that’s one of the reasons why we are.

If they are really arguing that their season has collapsed simply because he’s not in the team then their team is a weak as we’ve been saying it is … which flies in the face of their own nonsense about having a better squad of players.

On top of that, he’s now almost certainly played his last game for their club. How will they cope next season when he’s not available at all?

It’s almost as if they make this stuff up as they go along.

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  • MAGUA says:

    ‘Fred The Ned’… that’s a belter. ?

  • jrm63 says:

    The problem is they cannot sell him until he is proven fit. Can you imagine the state he will be in when he reports for pre-season? Roll out the barrel. He will make Griffiths look like Maeda. You have got to laugh

  • Tony B says:

    Joel Sked. (What kind of name is that anyway?) is the type of diddy who has probably spent his school years with his heid stuck doon the lavvy pan.

    He must have an uncle or relative who got him into journalism. It certainly wasn’t due to talent.

    A so called Jambo and definite member of the prawn sandwich brigade, he suffers from being an almost exact double of Montague Burns in The Simpsons.

    This is what passes for sports journalism in Scotland.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Morelos is a good footballer but it’s the attitude that is the gamble for any new suitor. I think he will see out his lucrative contract at rangers and scoot for nowt as it’s up next year and he is only 25 so why not.

    His next move will likely be his biggest and if he can leave a free agent that will most likely be guaranteed.

    rangers will have a big rebuild ahead and striikers dont come cheap. I foresee shopping in the freebie market paying big wages with the Directors dipping into their pockets again.

    Then again dodgy Dave may have a cunning plan.

  • Edward Mc Graw says:

    The “ journalist” in question once described Iannis Hagi as akin to a young gazelle stalking its prey, surely it’s not too much to ask that a paid writer should know that gazelles are herbivores, quite why they should need to “ stalk”, grass and small fruits is beyond me.

  • Martin H. says:

    Celtic have had the worst injury crisis in the clubs history this season, and the press trying to get in our heads, this is a different breed at Celtic Park strong leadership has rubbed off on the players.

  • Martin H. says:

    We’ve had the worst injury crisis in the clubs history, and came out the other side, all of which is down to strong leadership from Ange, which has rubbed off on the players, and you’ve got to realise, this is a young team.

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