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Where Is Ibrox’s Apology To Celtic Over Yesterday’s Despicable Acts?

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Shocking events at Ibrox yesterday. Shocking.

The SPFL are investigating.

Many in the media are talking about it.

The First Minister has condemned the acts utterly and unequivocally.

Everyone in football is talking about this.

The Police are investigating and even some of their forums are outraged.

Their websites have demanded that the perpetrators are caught and banned from the ground.

And amidst all of this, a Celtic official has a deep cut on his head … and we have yet to receive an official, public apology from the club itself, or even an expression of regret.

For all I know that apology will be live and online by the time I finish this; I think it is a flat-out disgrace that we’re nearly 24 hours from the game and at the time of writing this it hasn’t happened yet.

That should have been forthcoming, along with a vow to find and punish those who did it, within minutes of the game ending.

The relationship between the clubs is at rock bottom, but even accounting for that their public silence is shaming and disgraceful.

Are they afraid to do it in case there is a backlash from their own fans?

Do they just not think we’re entitled to it?

For God’s sakes, a Celtic official visiting their ground was almost very seriously injured.

Getting in front of that is not only simple decency, it is PR firefighting 101.

The whole world is waiting to hear what their club says about this … and so far that’s nothing.

Why wasn’t an apology issued at once?

Not condemnation for the act – that’s easy – but an expression of sorrow and togetherness, from one football club to another?

Is there some doubt as to what happened?

No there is none, and even if there was it happened on their watch and their first act following the full-time whistle should have been to offer a fulsome public expression of regret that such a disgraceful act happened in their house.

Not to do that … well what kind of message does it send?

That club has behaved before in ways which are almost incomprehensible … but to not to have acted immediately and on the record, as an expression of solidarity on the human level …

I am astounded that they have not done it, and all inside Celtic must be shocked and even angry.

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  • Seán McManus says:

    No suprise here James,
    Vermin of the lowest order.

  • PAUL MCCANN says:

    in the next game as they dont know how to behave dont give them any tickets

  • Seppington says:

    “Getting in front of that is not only simple decency, it is PR firefighting 101.”

    Further evidence that DUP Graham s a pathetic excuse for a PR man but a top-level fenian hater. That’s clearly the most important ability when it comes to any employment position at Ayebrokes.

    In any other decent country that klub would’ve been outlawed. The Scottish Parliament should legislate that no organisation can register “Rangers” as a trademark ever again and that no football club be allowed to operate from that stadium (which should be bulldozed immediately, even the listed bit, as some history should be left buried).

  • Saulgoodman says:

    If our board had half a backbone they would wait until end of the week , so not to take the limelight away from our victory then announce no sevco tickets for next game , after all we all agreed Feb game was best atmosphere in years , we don’t need them we don’t want them , we’re not half of anything remember ? But our board are spineless + leaderless so they’ll be there wrecking our gaff again sadly …..

  • Nigel Monaghan says:

    Ibrox not safe for Chris Sutton to commentate in cos they can’t guarantee his safety. Next step has to be banning Celtic team for a match cos obviously they can’t guarantee the safety of the team and squad either wonder what they’re going to say about that

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