A Celtic Player Says He’s Tired. Our Rivals Shouldn’t Get Over Excited About That.

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The story the other day about Reo Hatate, and how tired he gets right now, was not exactly news. We saw what this boy is capable of when he’s fully firing and he looks far and away the most exciting midfield talent Scotland has seen in years.

(Yes, including Mr Wonderful at Ibrox, £2 million in loan fees and for what?)

Hatate is a magician.

Next season, when he’s rested, when he’s ready, we will see the best of this exceptionally gifted footballer and it will be something alright. When he and the other Japanese have had a chance to rest and recuperate we will unleash them on a game which isn’t ready for them.

You can already see that clearly.

Hatate’s admission sent the media and the sites and forums across the city into a frenzy of excitement.

Some of the coverage suggested that the whole Celtic team is dead on its feet. They all ignore that this was one guy, speaking for himself, and talking after a full campaign prior to arriving in January.

This is the latest straw they are clutching to.

It means nothing. You expect a guy who’s played that many games in short order to be tired.

It doesn’t mean that the rest of this team is, or that we’re about to crash.

There are five games left; if we win the next three we’re champions.

Win four out of five and it won’t matter where the dropped points come.

Winning three in total is probably enough to get us there.

This is in the palm of our hands.

They shouldn’t be excited over there because we had a bad day at the office and one player is tired.

This isn’t a sign of an impending collapse.

We have many more footballers at the club than just the one the press is focussed on, and although he’s been exceptional there is Turnbull and O’Riley and there is McCarthy and all can step into his shoes.

This is what we’ve built the big squad for.

This is why we’ve assembled this team, so that when one guy has to step back we can replace him with somebody else.

Even if the kid doesn’t feel like he can pull on the boots again this season – and he’ll play plenty of minutes and we know he will – this isn’t something from which we can’t recover.

He is more tired than most, but he has plenty of mitigation for that.

Maeda, who works even harder, is still going strong but that’s just one of those things. Hatate has played more games this year than he ever expected to, and he’s entitled to feel beat.

But just because he is it doesn’t mean that Celtic as a team is. We’ve got plenty left in the tank; more than enough to get over this line. The press and our rivals shouldn’t get too excited.

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  • john clarke says:

    The first port of call for Reo is the Club Doctor or a General Physician. Anton McElhone, Head of Sport Science, has probably arranged a consultation already. In the IBROX game about 3 April, Matt O’Riley took a knock and went to the ground. When Matt was
    checked, a commentator observed and said; Matt “took some puffs from a puffer”. I assume an aerosol inhaler. These actives are legal for sports people if they need them. David Beckham suffered from asthma; not often, but did use an inhaler if needed. Anyway, Ange took Matt off as a precaution. In the same game, the same highly observant commentator said; “Hatate is gasping for air”. After that game, I searched for “pollen counts for Glasgow” for the game day, and could find nothing. At this time of the year there will be tree pollen in the air. Early maturing annual ryegrass and some early perennial ryegrass ecotypes will be starting to flower although peak flowering is more like mid May to mid-June and can extend until August.. Did anyone at the game or a TV viewer observe what the commentator said he saw? Perhaps Matt took a few swigs from a funny shaped squirting bottle? I think the commentator reported correctly. My comment is likely to be unhelpful but I will still send it.

  • john clarke says:

    James, Reo may be susceptible to Hayfever? The first warning for a pollen storm went out by the Met Office in later March. A warning for Glasgow went out 3 days ago. Hatate may be a victim?

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