Celtic Set To Make Our Noisy, Arrogant Rivals The Ultimate April Fools.

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The devastating nature of our win yesterday should not be overlooked. On that kind of form there is no club in this country which can be a match for us. Across the city, a lot of their fans continue to labour under the delusional belief that we are not a good side, with good players. Two wins in a row over them have not dissuaded them of this daft view.

Two games to come against them, the second of them almost certainly closing out the month, ought to accomplish what nothing has so far.

When this month started, there was talk in the media – serious talk, not even just idle chatter – about how this might be the most incredible season in the history of “Rangers.” Even accounting for the nonsense of the Survival Lie, that was an insane idea. Celtic had already wiped the floor with them. We were on top form.

But the media believed that not only could their team overcome us in the league and the cup but go all the way in Europe as well, and it didn’t seem to matter that we had started to look again like a very serious football team on very serious business.

Our performances and results prior to this month should have offered proof that we weren’t messing about and that no team could stand in our way. Our rivals ignored that proof, and they are still ignoring it right now. That will cost them.

From being the month which turns this season into gold, it will, instead, be one that haunts their players and supporters and their coaching staff and their directors for years to come. That blistering display yesterday proves that we’re hitting our peak. Seven goals. Six scorers, and every one of them a player Ange brought to the club and we could have had more.

We could have had many more.

Even if the big Greek doesn’t make it, we have way more firepower in the team than their side will be able to handle. The confidence every one of us feels right now is justified. It is more than justified. We are going to turn this month into one which damns their club to a whole summer of chaos. There are five league games left, but first we’re off to Hampden.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    With that win today watch the media talk sevco up for Thursday and next weekend.
    Infact they will probably say sevco are favourites.

  • Bob (original) says:

    In the last 2 Glasgow Derbies there have been a surprising lack of controversial officiating decisions.

    No dodgy penalties, no dodgy red cards given – or ignored.

    Sunday looks like the most important domestic game left for the Ibrox club this season.

    Have a bad feeling about this game, but hope I’m wrong…


    Had similar thoughts watching Son of Dallas officiating yesterday.
    When’s he going to burst our bubble?
    Even after going 3 Up in the first half I had this nagging feeling of when’s he going to dish out a Red to one of our players like Callum for a nothing challenge. Or a raft of late bookings for any of our squad and wondering who was reaching the limit for a suspension.
    It’s not real.
    It’s almost as if somebody, significant, is paying attention.
    Even the Glesga Derby games were allowed to flow. No interference. No holding up play and denying ‘advantage’. No contentious decisions.
    Strange days.

  • Seosaimh says:

    Roll on Hampden

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