This Celtic Team Boasts “We Never Stop.” Today, We Never Showed Up.

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Gutless. Weak. Inept.

All three adjectives describe, perfectly, a Celtic display at Hampden today was which was utterly bereft of a single positive except that those who constantly slag Greg Taylor need to do us a favour and take the night off.

For everything else there is only anger as we produced our worst performance in many, many months on the stage we most needed a big one, and considering the worrying lack of application, heart and will to win that was on display on that pitch today the league triumph that many of us have taken for granted since Ibrox is no longer such a lock either.

Any team in the league would have fancied their chances against that tame, pitiful version of Celtic which showed up today and then promptly downed tools.

There was nothing to credit that performance whatsoever, not one thing, and if the manager tells us that he thought the team played well then he is kidding himself and watched a different match.

One player threatened to make an impact on their team; Maeda, who ran and ran until he was dead on his feet.

The rest of this team barely functioned.

Jota, in the last two months, has produced not one thing of note which makes me believe for one minute that we should be paying £6 million for him when this season ends … I’ve said that Carter Vickers is the better of the two and that was highlighted again today in a performance of total ineptitude from the Portuguese.

He looks like a player who would struggle to warm Benfica’s bench and if he and his agents think the super clubs will be queuing up after this campaign ends they are delusional. He looks like a guy who decided some time ago that this would be his only season here; on the evidence of today nobody is going to miss him and the money can be put to better use.

Hatate has an excuse for his limited performance; he’s played a full season in Japan. I don’t what Rogic’s excuse was. I don’t know what game Juranovic thought he was in before he came off and Abada was too easily brushed off the ball.

No review of this game would be complete without my expressing my absolute contempt for and disgust of the referee who was woeful throughout and did everything he could to make sure the game was played at our opponent’s pace.

Not that it mattered because we allowed them space and time to get their breath back after every break in the game.

A team which should have exhausted itself chasing us in the first ten minutes was allowed to meander around the pitch taking it easy because we ditched the high press for the day to let them.

The whole display was absolutely shameful and every Celtic player should be embarrassed as they are made to watch it again. These guys could have written their own page in the history, but instead they turned up and put on a performance like that.

What we witnessed today was a joke.

It was the complete inverse of our full blooded claim that “we never stop.”

Today, all any of us were asking was “does this team intend to start?”

And the answer was a resounding no.

What a disgrace, what an utter disgrace.

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  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Powder puff and we I wanted changes at 20minute fior Rogic hatte and even taylor as they huns targeted him with long diagonal balls, McCarthy should be ashamed as this was a game he should been busting a gut for well if he been the player we had thought we was ! We need to up the physical ante I’m midfield, obviously it doesn’t help well you have a cheat as an official a fan of our opposition! Only in brigadoon Scotland can thst happen! Today we energised the poison by our lazy fair attitude and it was a lennon team performance remember we he lost us 6 semi finals and 2 finals at that dump! I also agree on jotta and albada also seems happy to leave the field we need committed players with conviction! In any other league in europe bassey and loonstrum( I soell it this way) would been sent off madden knew not to book them in first half as then he need to send them off and they should been off! But we just need to get this league done but ange surely learned plenty about some players today also guys like Ralston should always play against that poison

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    The player we thought he was

  • Brian says:

    All points true, but if you think taylor is a player you are nuts. His distribution of the ball is shocking although not the only one today. How a team goes from a seven nil to that performance is a complete mystery.

  • G. Benpii says:

    well, where do you start? I’ll try and keep it brief:
    *CarterVickers & McGregor aside, we never turned up – midfield bullied and
    hacked – toothless up front – they looked fitter than us and wanted it more?!! eh???!!!
    *showed how badly we missed a big physical presence up front w/ Giaoumakis injured –
    *O’Reilly needs to be on from the start – Rogic was either a yard too slow or was bullied/man-handled/hacked and gave up possession too easily
    *Maeda is not a # 9, an out & out striker, but even when he did have the ball near their goal he had so few options he can’t really be blamed for our lack of chances
    *Jota flattered to deceive – Abada, looked out of his depth – Kyogo had no service, & due to being out for so long, really wasn’t sharp enough to be on the pitch
    *if only big CCV’s shot had gone in… we’d be facing the diet-huns
    [p.s. Madden was an utter disgrace – one of either Aribo or Lundstrum, in particular, should have, following the basic rules of the game, received a second yellow by mid-way 2nd half: they were both given free license to kick/hack/wrestle anything in a green & white jersey time & time again]
    ++ Hail & Hail, again! (from Gerri in Hiroshima) ++

  • Joseph Mcauley says:

    Agree, didn’t show up, we were shackled too easily.
    Stood off our opposition and gave them the impetus they needed.
    Madden did have a shocker but is it any surprise, not really.
    McGregor’s huddle at the end of the game hopefully has reset the attitude for the remainder of the season.

  • Michael says:

    I agree with everything said above. What gets me is that the Celtic players had a week to prepare you would have thought Celtic played extra time on Thursday night. where was the high tempo high press? Celtic give them time on the ball, and lets face The Rangers area poor team but they were better than Celtic yesterday. What happened to the 7-0 Celtic team of last week? Celtic players and manager need to improve dramatically to win this league. If they do win serious consideration must be paid to better quality coming in. The majority of players need to have a serious look at themselves at their performance of yesterday. Did they think it was just a matter of turning up? I believe they are reading too much into the hype that has been written about them. Disappointed for the fans who paid too much money yesterday to watch that non-performance. Celtic should be taking legal advice about the referring yesterday, how blatant can it get before something is done. Could have been serious injury done yesterday to Celtic players

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