The Governing Bodies Should Be Punishing Ibrox. Instead They Do Them Favours.

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The Ibrox club is lucky that it inhabits an essentially lawless world where those in power can do whatever they please and be pretty much certain never to face consequences. That’s not just an acknowledgement about Scottish football but the wider world.

Even as I write this, a Prime Minister who lied to parliament and broke the law clings to office and refuses to resign.

Standards in public life have tanked. He sits atop a government that has allowed more corruption and dishonesty than any other in living memory.

We have a media up here which has spent the better part of a decade endorsing lies. Its ranks are filled with ex-Ibrox players who took their cash in the form of loans, all the better to defeat the Exchequer. In this environment, all manner of things flourish.

Tonight the SPFL has agreed to bring forward the game between the Ibrox club and Motherwell by a day. It is a symbolic gesture, nothing more, but of course both sides are dressing it up as a victory for common sense. Ibrox doesn’t really have a choice. It’s not the game they wanted moved, and it’s not the timeframe they wanted either.

The SPFL has put a good face on it, but the simple fact is that they have been seen to do a big favour to a club which has no respect for them or for the regulations that bind every other one in the country. Nobody is unaware that the dispute between the two parties still rumbles on. Ibrox has acted in an appalling fashion and put other clubs at risk.

At the time of writing, they are also subject of two separate police investigations over the behaviour of their fans. The SFA are said to be ready to warn them against their future conduct, but that warning has no teeth and everyone knows it.

Only in this environment could a club which has behaved with staggering arrogance and shocking recklessness, a club which has proved that it does have the least concern for the welfare of the game, ask for and be seen to have been done a favour by the same governing bodies who it has spent the better part of two years trying to wreck.

I mean, its directors still serve on the very executive body that only a year ago it made a full throated effort to destroy. That is a sign of an unhealthy state of affairs. For whatever reason, our governing bodies just don’t want to face this club down.

They were entitled to nothing here, not even basic courtesy, because that’s precisely the level of regard they have for everyone else; none, zero, nada, nil.

They should have been told that their request had been rejected.

Their managing director should have been long ago removed from the SPFL board for bringing it into disrepute.

That he remains, and that the SPFL wants to seem fair minded is far more than their club deserves.

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  • Dando says:

    You’d think oldfirm fc had an agreement document that the SPFL were terrified of becoming public knowledge and therefore could do as they wish, without reprisal.

    Of course if one member club had such an agreement then it would be incumbent on the SPFL to accommodate each and every member club with an equivalent agreement.

    As any member club without said agreement has a valid claim against the ruling body via the Court of Arbitration for Sport.


  • Brian says:

    And still we do not know the outcome of the cinch deal. Are they still entitled to cash from them this season? Are they still going through a court case with cinch? P.S. how long does it take for a court to come to a conclusion on how much is owed to one mr. Ashley the stench of corruption is strong.

  • SSMPM says:

    Or they’re shit scared of the lodges, where the real power in Scotland lies. Consequences come with many disguises

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Huns have always acted this way as they never pulled on it why? Cause they are plenty of their enablers all over scotish society! Brought up in that poisin and no matter how intelligent some maybe they all have their sickness and their retort on this is mostly ” what about Cektic”! What about indeed but that’s the defence narrative tge media built and why I never used the ” o f” bsY ! See they live to hate and have no interest in changing as in brigadoon Scotland they are allowed it! As can be seen the way they are giving a pass for wrecking cities all over Europe these last 60 years people forget or choose to they get banned from england in 1993 for years and the Manchester police told them in 2003 bus in them in and get out! They were also not welcome e in 2008 that twat ewan cameron lobbied the pubs of manchester and using Celtic situation in seville said they make lots of money ,aye but difference is we are a world class global fanbase! And talking of Seville can yiu imagine if they get their God help those poor people as they loved us but this is the poison ! So for their sake more than anything let’s hope they filth get pumped out tho pretty sure they will be

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    What about Celtic I meant

  • Eugenio Savelli says:

    It is very simple if you don’t want to comply with our rules that being the SPFL go and play somewhere else that applies to ever team but unfortunately our SPFL have absolutely no balls to make decisions like that which means they are

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