King Mugs The Ibrox Fans Yet Again As He Flogs Worthless Shares To Club 1872.

Image for King Mugs The Ibrox Fans Yet Again As He Flogs Worthless Shares To Club 1872.

You have to hand it to Dodgy Dave King; nobody knows how to move the Ibrox fans better than this geezer does. He plays his audience like a piano concerto, and his creature – Club 1872 – don’t even need him to do that particularly well.

Today the news has broken that they have bought 2.25 million shares from him, at a cost of £400,000. That’s 20p per share, when we all know that the various instances of equity confetti assure they aren’t remotely worth that sort of money.

They are boasting about this – and King is – by talking about how those shares were sold to them at a “20% discount.”

What a trick that is.

It’s like David Ogilvy advertising white salmon with the proviso that it won’t turn pink in the can.

You put up something for sale at a massively inflated price … and then you stick a 20% off sign on it.

The greenest marketing and advertising graduate would consider that too unsophisticated to attempt as only the dumbest people would ever fall for such an obvious scam.

Yet this is why con artists and other scammers live by the view that “there’s one born every minute.”

When he spoke up in their defence just the other week, who knew it was to get something back from them in return? If you are sitting there thinking, “Uhm … everybody?” you are right but you’re also wrong.

Because yeah, everyone should have known it and if you limited the polling sample to Celtic fans then I guess everybody did.

But apparently the Ibrox fans didn’t realise it, and so an organisation which should know better is boasting that it has taken its shareholding back above 5%. Didn’t they once have 10%? Every little victory counts, I guess.

The real victor, of course, is King who has offloaded worthless dreck for nearly half a million pounds, not one penny, not one cent, not one bean of which goes to the club, of course, which is why its directors must be rolling their eyes in disbelief.

“But the money increases our influence”, will be the argument out of Club 1872. To a mere 5%? What sort of influence do they think that actually carries? Not one bit is the short answer, which is to say nothing for the fact that we know those shares will come back to King, for his personal use, anytime he proposes something the board doesn’t like.

He’s good. You have to give him that. When he aligned himself with these guys he knew exactly what he was doing. If they were half as smart they wouldn’t have fallen for such an obvious stunt.

He has them right where he wants them.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    James, never interrupt your enemy when he’s making an arse of things. Or words to that effect. HH

  • himuptheroad says:

    Not for nothing are they known as gullibillies. You couldn’t make it up and you couldn’t educate them on this even if you used a pop up picture book.

  • Seppington says:

    You can only join Club 1872 if you have the intellect of someone who has been clubbed around the head one thousand, eight hundred and seventy-two times.


      Wrong, it has been scientifically shown that the average Scotsman needs to be whacked on the bonce no less than one thousand, six hundred and ninety times to attain this state of gullibility.

  • FrankyBhoy says:

    I had thought the last sale was at 10p each not 25p each so no 20% discount. Or was there a sale at 25p each after the recent sale at 10p each that I missed hence the hike the price first then discount point?

    I’m sure I read somewhere (90% speculation worded as in the know + 10% facts) that the sale of shares at 10% had angered Dave King as it lowered the value of his shares and was going to result in an angry statement against the board after the “Old Firm” lost the glasgow derby match.


  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Here little fishys ,they prove themselves gullible at every turn,it’s hilarious

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