Ibrox Fan Site Suggests That They “Should Riot” For The Third Time At A European Final.

Image for Ibrox Fan Site Suggests That They “Should Riot” For The Third Time At A European Final.

Last night, I was sent a truly astonishing screengrab; a headline on an Ibrox supporter website which suggested that their fans “should riot” if they make it to Seville because they didn’t get as many tickets as they’d like.

Forget the fact that they’re not even in the final yet; based on this kind of behaviour, that city should be bracing itself.

Ibrox fans have rioted at two European finals already.

Rangers were the only club to get its European trophy inside a dressing room.

Manchester was a deeply shaming episode for them and for the reputation of our game. It is the most atrocious thing associated with them until we learned about EBT’s. The scenes from that disgrace will live long in the memory of all who witnessed them.

Have these Peepul not done enough damage to Scottish football’s reputation already this season? Between sectarian and racist singing and bottles being launched at Celtic players and officials?

Are they really so keen to export that lawlessness abroad?

Seville is a beautiful place filled with wonderful people, and civic society there was so thrilled with the exemplary behaviour of the Celtic support that the city wanted to host an annual convention of our fans. Its civic leaders visited Glasgow to thank us all and to try and sell their city as a tourist spot.

I cannot even imagine what they will make of the Peepul should they be unlucky enough to need to host them. Should it be an Ibrox-West Ham final the mayhem could be off the scale, and there must be people dreading that deep in their souls.

In light of that, and in light of past history, the irresponsibility of that headline is staggering.

The entitlement wafts off the whole article. So does the madness.

It reeks of the same mind-set which sparked the riots in Manchester; a big screen didn’t work, so of course the Peepul were entitled to vent their fury and attack the police.

Whoever wrote that headline should be ashamed.

Theirs is a support which does not need such encouragement. I am astounded by that, absolutely astounded.

They are a different breed, they really are.

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  • Pan says:

    The authorities have never properly acted against their atrocious behaviour and so they are also responsible.

  • Paul Conner says:

    They can’t help themselves. Majority of people brought up properly The Peepul dragged up. If their forefathers can riot in Barca & Manchester following the Oldco then they think its their God given right to riot following Od Firm 2012 . As Brother Madman will not be ref in semi, the good people of Saville can relax.

  • Seppington says:

    Can’t this clown be charged with inciting violence? Oh wait, given half of Police Scotland will be potential rioters I don’t think he would be…

  • Johnny Green says:

    Hopefully RB Leipzig will stop THEM in their tracks and bring this destructive scenario to and end.

  • SSMPM says:

    Their sense of entitlement comes from the fact that they and their lodges run this country through fear

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Saidd this weejks ago if they somehow made thst final God help those poor people of Seville that loved our great fans even in defeat we sat with Porto fans for some like myself and brother with no dogs we had hardly slept for 2 days having drove down on the tuesday from the algarve. The hubs are the worst support on the planet by a mile for those cretins iits like a hate march they so love ,they attitude us” who going stop us” and thsts the majority! Make no mistake on that its crazy to think we we share a city and country with this poison and are a nillion times different!,this is why I always detested the ” o f” bs as it allows them to weirdo use our great club! Not on my watch!Neeco like the old one they stood back and let die are just perma raging filth that actually always try and manufacture excuses for their sick behaviour and in brigadoon Scotland they are given a pass when they do always! And we know why.Seville would be wrecked and it being a catholic city that give them an excuse as I said they need none! They are utter poison and have no need or want to change its who they and that’s the majority by miles! I know guys that stopped by oldco fans cause of the sickness and working overseas plenty bailed on them as that’s when many realise how bad it really is as when in another country they can reprosspectively see the hate and madness of that hell hole in govan and its hordes

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Said weeks ago even and no digs to I meant predictive ruins my world ha ha

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