Pro-Ibrox BBC Hack’s Bizarre Showdown With A Supporter Shows His Unhinged Side.

Image for Pro-Ibrox BBC Hack’s Bizarre Showdown With A Supporter Shows His Unhinged Side.

Ricky Foster has been in the news today, embarrassing himself yet again.

He had a bizarre showdown with a fan last night at Firhill, where he is still on the books as a player, and he had to be physically restrained by one of his team-mates.

Whatever the incident was about, it shows an incredible lack of professionalism from Foster.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the fan was complaining about the length of time he spends giving his opinions on all manner of media instead of doing the job for which the club pays him.

Split focus is never good in a footballer, and especially one with such limited brain power.

Someone who reacts like that has no business in the news industry, where you need to have respect for your audience.

Someone who reacts like that in front of his own fans has no regard whatsoever for the views of other people. Footballers sometimes get major abuse, and they shouldn’t, but nor should they act like petulant children when they do.

Ange spoke about this in the aftermath of the Ibrox game, when I asked him if there was a point when he thought about taking the players off the pitch if things got worse, and his answer was typical of the man’s focus.

He said that the players must always try to shut out the noise and the behaviour in the stands and maintain their professional veneer.

Foster is clearly as incapable of acting like a professional on the pitch as he is offering an unbiased opinion off it.

The man is a clown.

The man should be nowhere near a media gig, and that he’s found himself in one is even greater proof that the main requirement for a job at BBC Sports Scotland is some connection to the Ibrox operation.

Serious questions ought to be asked as to why so much license payer money is being squandered on promoting the biased views of such witless people.

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  • Stephen McAdam says:

    No doubt like many these types he learned his vile behaviour in govan, probably before he was a quiet clown type as he is a chuckter after all! And I know but I spell it that way

  • Stephen Carson says:

    The rage is there in all of them and it will be on full show tomorrow , before during and after we beat them.

  • Seppington says:

    Guy probably told him he’d been shit and asked him if it was because Amy forgot to lube-up her strap-on the previos evening?

    I’m going to call him Peg Foster from now on…

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