Ibrox’s Hypocrisy On Refs And Boyd’s Idiocy Were On Full Display Today At Fir Park.

Image for Ibrox’s Hypocrisy On Refs And Boyd’s Idiocy Were On Full Display Today At Fir Park.

No surprise today to see that a refereeing decision has brought Kris Boyd to frothing and moaning instead of laughing like somebody who is in on the joke, or that Van Bronckhorst’s “respect” for officials lasted only so long as it took for one to go against him.

You could set your watch to these Peepul, hypocrites of the very worst kind.

The defence of refs was the stunt the Ibrox boss went for yesterday at his presser, and I said in my article on it that it was as obviously fake as anything we’d seen this season and that it wouldn’t last long. Less than 24 hours, to be specific.

Watching him stomping with fury on the touchline when Walsh sent his player off and then only showed a yellow to a Motherwell player was highly amusing, and seeing him rant and rave to the fourth official is something I’d have watched and highlighted again and again had the pressure not paid off with that second half penalty call.

At the end of the game he said he didn’t want to be critical … why should he be when his side won the match and got a highly dubious award? Had they not won the game the tune would have been very different.

Becasue in that moment of lunatic anger he exposed himself as a charlatan and the position of his club and nothing but fake.

You could not make that up, but fortunately you don’t have to because that club is as predictable as the Glasgow weather and the only constant on which you can rely is the apparent contradiction of what comes out of it. On the surface of it anyway.

Because actually, there is perfect consistency to everything Ibrox does.

It is all self-serving. It is all done for the sole purpose of advancing their own agenda, and within that sphere they can rationalise and explain away every flip-flop and u-turn and reversal, because when they made promises or statements they were for short term advantage anyway and aren’t underpinned by the slightest principle.

Boyd, of course, is just a complete goon and whilst he sniggered and laughed and joked about Madden’s performance last week he was not laughing at half time today when he was spitting fury about wanting consistency from refs all over again.

Except this again comes down to Sky’s idiotic decision to give a microphone and a pundits job to a moron who knows not the first thing about the game he is supposed to be covering. There are clear differences between the two tackles and so of course there was a different outcome in either case.

In the case of Balogun his foot comes over the ball … the very definition of a reckless challenge with the intention of playing the man. I actually think the Motherwell player wins the ball and is unlucky even to get a yellow card for the tackle.

But this is what happens when you put idiot children in the commentary booth and let them loose with their combination of utter cluelessness and bias.

Above all though, for 15 minutes at half-time today all the people who were telling us to lay off refs all week were having a go and not holding back. They expose themselves so frequently, and completely, that you sometimes want to applaud them for it.

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  • Andrew Lamb says:

    we need to concentrate on ourselves, every game is a cup final forget about them. They are a myth.

  • Dando says:

    I genuinely don’t think it has yet to sink into big monster munches few brain cells just how much pain and suffering this title win for Celtic will cause him for years……


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