The Spitting Fury Of A Rabid Kris Boyd Is About To Be Turned On Everyone At Ibrox.

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Anyone happen to catch Boyd’s latest?

He is spitting fury at all at Ibrox, and this guy is just getting warmed up.

When you have been made to look like a complete fool, it is natural to turn the guns on somebody else, both as a deflection tactic and as some form of psychic defence. It hurts to be made to look and feel like you’ve been made a mug out of.

Kris Boyd is a mug.

But he is not a mug in the same way that someone like Hugh Keevins is. Keevins has no allegiances, just institutions and people and things he hates. He is aloof and arrogant enough – and with no justification whatsoever – to not even feel shame anymore when he gets things wrong or makes a raging fool of himself.

Boyd is a different type of personality. He feels every barb, which is why he frequently lashes out at those who criticise him or contradict his views. He takes everything personally.

Whereas Keevins, like Trump, has reached a point where he no longer cares if people think he’s a clown, Boyd wants so desperately to be taken seriously, although he isn’t a serious individual.

Who made Boyd look like a fool this season? Ange did, for a start. We don’t have to rake over every time he displayed breath-taking disdain, even contempt, for our manager; we’re all familiar with his predictions and his snide remarks.

But how do you hit out at a man who has so completely dominated? You can’t. Boyd underestimated him and like someone who gets into a pub fight thinking he’s got it won only to be proved supremely out of his league, he’s going to steer well clear of that sort of behaviour in future. He now has a wary, if grudging, respect for the man in charge at Celtic.

The one thing we know about these type of people is that they never, ever blame themselves. They are always victims of circumstances, or bad information, or they stick, doggedly, to their stupid views long after the rest of the world is sniggering at them.

So Boyd will never admit that he is just a complete fool who doesn’t know the first thing about the sport he played in and is now paid to cover. So who else is there to blame? Who is there to turn the anger on after refs had got it in the neck?

Everyone at Ibrox, of course.

And they, ultimately, are the people Boyd blames most. If only they had not picked a fight with the fans, he would not have to crawl and pay respect to the masterful boss at Celtic Park. If only they had backed the manager properly, the whole aftermath of the January window would have turned out differently. If only the manager had gotten his selection policy right last weekend and in midweek April would not be turning into a grim, disastrous month.

Boyd is about to arrive at precisely the same place where Jackson and some of the smarter pro-Ibrox hacks have been for months. At the point where he tries to turn his pitiful analytical brain to working out what went wrong, and why all his predictions are ashes in his mouth.

Remember, these guys won’t give Celtic any credit … this can’t all be down to the fact that we have a supremely gifted man at the helm who has put together a hell of a team. There has to be something more. This was not us snatching the prize … to people like Boyd this will always be about how they threw it away. That logic might infuriate us at times, but it is dangerous to them and I am usually quite content for this underestimation to occur.

It’s even better than that this time around though; this is all fuel for the looming Ibrox civil war, which has been raging behind the scenes for a while. We have all been waiting on the detonation and the next few weeks will provide it.

Will Boyd go all the way and wish for the manager to pay the price?

In some ways, you have to hope not; I like the wet mop just where he is and want Van Bronckhorst to be there for a good while yet.

But if he loses the next two against us then we have to concede he’s probably done for. But Ibrox foolishly gave him a three-and-a-half-year deal.

So sacking him after six months is going to cost, and it is going to cost them a lot. I don’t see how he can survive, but I don’t know how they could afford to sack him either so any ex-Ibrox player who puts that pressure on them is welcome to.

But Boyd won’t take aim carefully; he doesn’t know how. He will go scattergun. He will target the manager, the players and the board. He will demand – yes demand – major changes and the section of the Ibrox support which worships him for his Celtic baiting will leap right onboard that bandwagon with him … and that pressure will push people at Ibrox into difficult choices and rash decisions. We know that because that pressure always does.

A snarling Kris Boyd on the rampage against everyone at Ibrox … that is an amusing picture to paint. Combined with the likes of Jackson, who is raging against certain directors, and the likes of Chris Jack, who is trying to keep the despair and panic out of his work (but failing on both counts) asking questions about where the leadership is and where the money for the rebuild is coming from … Boyd, who is a terrible writer, nevertheless summed things up nicely today when he talked about a pot about to boil over.

I prefer another analogy though; the current state of Ibrox is like a stick of nitro-glycerine … it is inherently unstable and one shake will cause it to go off. We are not planning to give them a shake. We’re planning to hit it with a sledgehammer.

Have you got the popcorn ready? Before April is out, it’s all going to blow.

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  • Bod says:

    What I will never understand is the peepul’s failure to grasp that the klub has no cash, stable finances or sound business plan? It’s like covid, lack of income, fantasy player valuations, I could go on never happened. Surely there must be some in the fanbase that can actually see they went all in to stop 10 in a row and assumed Champions League qualification was a given. Talk about wreckless! A total lack of foresight once again. Gerrard saw the writing on the wall and once he realised this he bailed quicker than BR did down to Aston Villa. GVB took the job as he was out of work and failed abysmally in his last post. Yet the hordes believe the nonsense spouted by the smsm about an upgrade. You really couldn’t have scripted this any better. You have to accumulate if you speculate, something they have failed to do and they will pay dearly for such arrogance. He’ll mend them, it’s glorious after our self inflicted implosion last season.

    • john mc guire says:

      often thought the same as you who pumps in there cash ,till another zommer Alan Hutton started to give it big large about how much money the klan has taken in over the last few years millions they are rolling in it? is it another porky .

  • Seppington says:

    Boyd for the next Sevco manager! It would be hilarious if he was at the helm and they entered administration…

  • Robert Cairney says:

    We have a very comfortable lead but nothings won either the league nor the semi final…stop sounding exactly like that clown Boyd gloating at others and counting your chickens before they hatch…One game at a time without making wild assumptions…it’s never over until the fat lady sings..

  • SSMPM says:

    Blob clearly suffers with his mental health and that manifests itself with serious anger management issues that he’s completely unable to mask. It might be thought thus that it would be better if we were more understanding and considerate of him but given he’s a nasty foul mouthed bigot who happily disses anyone and everyone with serious intent to cause or inflict harm in their careers. I hope he gets everything he deserves.

    As for Trump what an absolute racist arse. His supporters are just like the huns. Do you really like that? What’s going on is not one white racist is attacking Washington because Putin’s mate Trump can’t cheat his way to success. Just like the huns. Biden’s far and away a better man than that piece of narcissistic lying filth.

  • Damian says:

    If you were six clear, then find yourself six behind, you’ve thrown it away. More than one thing can be true at the same time. Last season, for example, almost all coverage on this site concentrated on Lennon and Celtic throwing it away. Very little, if any, credit was given to Rangers. Boyd is just doing what fan bloggers do, but for national broadcasters – admittedly in a less well-lettered manner than most.

    Six of the 12-point swing has come about through two matches between the Glasgow clubs. The other six have been throw it away results. Indeed, Celtic have drawn two matches in the time GVB has been in charge, so he’s had some breathing space.

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