After A Period Of Sanity Commons Is Back To Talking Garbage About Celtic Again.

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Kris Commons has talked a bit of sense in the past few weeks, which is largely what has kept him off of these pages. But today, in light of that game yesterday, he is back indulging in mindless, witless hyperbole and talking absolute crap about our “glass jaw.”

We have the best defence in the country.

One of their forums yesterday moaned that in five games against us this season they’ve only managed five goals; this is the other best team in the country, and the media keeps trying to tell us they are a European giant.

Commons wants to talk about our European exploits, so of course he mentions goals against … it is the standard lament. We have played good teams in Europe and this is a team still transitioning.

Here, at home, we have been brilliant.

We have conceded 20 goals in 35 games in the league.

That’s ridiculous. That’s outstanding.

You can say that this team needs to strengthen; that’s a legitimate view. But to talk garbage about “glass jaws” insults the backline which has contributed to our title triumph. To use yesterday as an example of this – Ibrox’s team didn’t win yesterday although you might not know that from some of the commentary around it – is pretty ridiculous.

Both Kyogo and Maeda missed chances yesterday that looked easier to score.

Commons criticises our defending for their goal; look at the defending for the one we scored.

Which is similar to the one we scored at Celtic Park last time against them.

This is what appals me about this whole debate about our defence; their own defence is abysmal.

It’s another part of the myth over this “European run” they are on – six wins in seventeen Europa League games, I will say it over and over until it is acknowledged. The one top level side they’ve played on that run were Dortmund; the Germans scored four in two games. It was their own defence – which shipped an astonishing six – who blew it.

Malmo, their sole Champions League opponent, scored five in two games.

We could do this all day.

We could go round and round on this, but the truth is that the same teams in Scotland who played against us played against them and scored more goals and yet it our defence which gets hammered in the press over and over again.

Their defence is never – not ever – subjected to the scrutiny ours is.

If Commons said that they had a “glass jaw” Ibrox’s media allies would piss their pants running to condemn it. But today they will echo his comments as if they are sensible and not just furious ranting.

We all know that this squad can be better, but his comments are deliberately offensive and designed to do nothing more than get Commons headlines. He is an idiot.

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  • Don Cowie says:

    Our glass jaw is fitness, we are miles off it, we have seen this since Christmas, players can’t get through second half. Hope this changes before next season, Ange must see this. Hatate and O’Riley look especially vulnerable. I get Hatate had a season in Japan before signing but last few weeks he has only had one game a week. Changes needed to training regime. Rangers players definitely fitter than ours

    • jrm63 says:

      McGregor has been a 1 man midfield this season on occasions – I have no idea how a professional athlete playing one game a week can be “tired” played in front of a 60k crowd

  • harold shand says:

    Being 6 points clear and losing the title what’s that then? Glass baws

  • Johnny Green says:

    Compared to last season our defence has been much more solid and reliable. However, there is definitely room for improvement and I am sure that will be addressed before the coming season. Kris Commons is being a bit melodramatic with his glass jaw assessment, but I agree that there is a certain vulnerability still present in our back line. For the time being though we are still the best defence in the country by far and that it is the main reason we are so close to winning the Title.

  • he says:

    The defence gets better every game, Starfelt was great yesterday, CCV less so, but it is poor at playing out from the back and the full backs (Juranovich excepted) are not good enough, although they are fine as backups.

  • Bob says:

    Stop all the negative talk let’s enjoy these up and coming moments and be happy commons should shut up instead of siding with all the dross trying to take our shine away.

  • Eamonn Little says:

    Kriss has a few mouths to feed,and needs his job,and as a consequence had to toe the party line with his Celtic glass jaw rubbish.

  • Martin says:

    Commons has a point. That he’s not saying it about old firm FC is silly, but he’s right about us nonetheless. We haven’t lost many goals domestically, but we’ve had 70 or 80% possession in these games. I’m sure someone out there with a better grasp of the stats and probability theory would be able to analyse whether we should actually have lost fewer than 20.

    Good teams will score against us as we are. We are still weak when facing crosses. If Ange wants us playing all our attack and the flip side is we lose a few stupid goals, fair enough. But we’re missing far too many chances for my liking. We won’t get 25 chances a game against CL opposition.

    We’ve made strides, but all 3 areas of the pitch need improving for next season in Europe. Let’s not all pretend they don’t.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Transfer Bingo getting played over at FF today apparently Shirley Bassey is worth £40 million if any teams are interested in him,they are saying as they got £16 million for the Shortbread man that can’t get a game at Everton £40 million is the starting price for Shirley,Shirley no.

  • Charlie Green says:

    Saw Commons once in a shop and was surprised to see how much of a ned he looked when he wasn’t dressed for the tv.

  • Iljas Baker says:

    “Glass jaw” is just journalistic lingo not to be taken too seriously. The defense is definitely vulnerable to cross balls and to switching off. I wouldn’t get too outraged by everything that you take issue with James. I fact you could say expressing outrage at minor things to feed your blog and create interest is much the same as Kris Commons using journalistic lingo to grab attention. Am I right or am I wrong?.

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