Ange Confirms That Celtic Wants To, And Is Trying To, Sign Both Our High Profile Loanees.

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The worst kept secret in football was confirmed today, and thanks to Ange for putting the matter to rest. We know now that Celtic has taken the decision to move for both Jota and Cameron Carter Vickers in the summer, in line with our loan agreements.

The combined fees will be in excess of £10 million. That is a serious, serious chunk of change but when this title is formally sewn up that’s as good as money in the bank. Ange will want a couple more additional players, but these guys have been big for us and he clearly feels that they’ll be just as big over the next couple of seasons.

The time to do these deals is now, as a statement of intent, as a stamp of our power, as a sign that we are taking the Ange revolution seriously. We have a big summer ahead of us, but it will be a more sedate one than we would otherwise have been used to.

The club must not let complacency set in; as I said earlier, an Ibrox victory in the Europa League final changes the game in big ways, and gives us a genuine challenger in the next campaign instead of facing down a club fighting for its life amidst turmoil.

To go out and get these guys would be a massive boost to everyone connected with Celtic. It would let us all know that for once we mean business. It would be a credit to everyone involved with the club because these are not easy deals to do.

Both of these players are sought after and wanted elsewhere. Both have seen their profiles raised sky-high by their time at Parkhead. Both have expressed great affection for Celtic and the support. It is easy to see why Ange wants them both and that the board is willing to back him with that kind of money is somewhat comforting to know.

I sincerely hope we can make it happen. It would be a fantastic way to end a memorable campaign, one which has brought us deserved success. It is the best thing we could do.

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  • Hans says:

    James, a very short while ago you were suggesting that Jota wasn’t worth the money and should be allowed to leave at the end of the season.
    At least show some consistency.

  • SSMPM says:

    He did have a moaning moment Hans. Not all players can give 100% of their ability, 100% of the time. Seems to me he was having one of his moments when for whatever reason Jota wasn’t able to do that eg injuries, recovery from injuries, not feeling 100%. Getting their signatures over the line can’t come quick enough then Ange can focus on adding to the squad

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