Any Celtic Fan Who Threw A Bottle Today Must Be ID’d, Caught, Banned And Jailed.

Image for Any Celtic Fan Who Threw A Bottle Today Must Be ID’d, Caught, Banned And Jailed.

Ugly scenes at the end of the game today apparently.

Ugly all in capitals.

Our fans as well as theirs.

This is not a time, not a moment, for Whatabouttery.

I don’t care who started it, who did what to who or any of the rest of that nonsense … any Celtic fan who was involved in this and throwing stuff needs ID’d, caught, banned and jailed.

Don’t give me any of the usual craic either about grassing or any of that cardboard hard-man “we live by the code” patter. Pissed up neds and idiots like this don’t belong in our support and it’s imperative to rid the fan-base of them pronto.

We’ve gone over this on this site at regular, and depressing, intervals in this campaign; there is an element in our support which is every bit as bad as the scum on the other side of the city and we need to get these people chased.

There are no excuses, and there must be no compromises.

The club must – as a priority – identify everyone responsible and pass on whatever details it has on them to the police and these people need to be banned from our ground and prosecuted to the absolute limit of the law.

No half measures. No mercy whatsoever.

This is not the Celtic support.

Our fan-base wants no part of this loutish, goonish behaviour.

It is a blight on our good name.

It is a stain on our reputation and it is precisely the sort of stuff that makes it hard for “neutrals” to see past the hated, despised Old Firm tag which the rest of us are working so hard to have consigned to the bin.

I’ve always said that the word “hun” is not a sectarian word but one that describes a mentality, a mind-set, that it’s about behaviour and not identity … well that’s what these people are, and nothing better demonstrates the way the word should be used than to apply it to these muppets who act in such a disgraceful fashion whilst hiding in our support.

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  • Anthony Mcquade says:

    Note the fans in the group “ the bhoys “ were in the area . This group causes problems regularly at CELTIC PARK and yet the club is considering giving them a standing area .

    IIf security acted and dealt with these idiots weeks. if not months ago you would not have parents refusing to come to games with their children because of these clowns

  • Marti says:

    Did anyone see the Huns throw chairs at Celtic fans, lot more than the bottle thrower needing the jail.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Listen thats all fair and well but be in no doubt this started with that poison! But their club on the attack tonight! While 4 weeks where was our F$$king board as our fans were peltedd whole game and very really at threat fact! The 4 corners of that hellhole was a more than usual more vile and poisonous pit ( yes I know hard to believe it could be more so)where our players and staff were attacked! One injured to!! The huns are used to this shit they been fire fighting their entire history with a compliant media more than willing to give that scum a pass cause it’s their culture to!! Every incident in scotish football involves that vile perma rage filth! Celtic get on this tonight this bs silence and being the bigger ” person ” bs not going fly! Ban this scum from our Ground this is a family section next to that filth ! Get on this get the video footage the police involved and get it out in the open I know who caused it we all do its who they are! Nail this Celtic! Silence not am option ban that scum tonight!

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    This isnext to s family section also ban this poisin Celtic and do it tonight

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Next to the family section even

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Also I hate any form of violence or anti social behaviour and hope no one has been injured and I hate we have idiots that retaliated by we know who started this it’s their vile hate that makes them do it! Almost like a compulsion for most of that lot. As I stared million times I rather never play any club from that hellhole breeding ground of hate sadly too many in our club dont share my feeling tho plenty do! This is their game they live to hate as we have seen all our lives ! And it brings us into that ” o f” bs which suits only one club!

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    About time Cektic good statement tonight, how dare that poison trying play the victim this bike behaviour is their calling card, they think get in first play blame game it was their vile hoardes and the evidence is there ban them forever !Celtic utter vile poisin

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Hey sean I agree but in your post you almost compare us to that poison they are vile filth, and believe me dealt with plenty in any situations the phrase ” threw about like empty tracksuits” comes to mind. Just dont lump us in with that poison they live to hate, common denominator in any crowd trouble is them everywhere they go utter perma raging filth tho mostly cowardly on their own as I said sorted plenty out in my time both physically and intellectually

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    ” both clubs” no no no our club fine you really sound like an ” o f” guy let that vermin be them dont bring my Great Club into that bs! The poison cause chaos everywhere not ” both clubs” We go everywhere on the planet no issues been all over the world with this great support no issues so stop putting is in with that poison Very weird take on this fron a Celtic fan

  • Rodders says:

    Well done on calling it out James, these neds (not fans) are an embarrassment, I support all efforts in weeding them out.

  • Damian says:

    Agreed. Saw the scenes from the other side of the ground. Ugly to say the least. No idea who threw what, or first. Not particularly interested either. Horrible stuff.

  • John S says:

    Rangers* cause trouble everywhere they go, it’s part of their cultural ‘entitlement’. ANY spectator throwing things or inciting violence must be identified and reported to the police. In the result of a conviction the criminals should be banned from Celtic Park.
    I have see footage of the away fans throwing missiles at their hosts.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I agree with Sean to a certain extent, this sort of trouble has been rife in the Glasgow derby for time immemorial. Who starts it isn’t here nor there, but the only way to stop it is by removing them from the equation and ban them completely from our ground, we don’t need their dirty, rotten, poisonous presence at Celtic Park. Furthermore get rid of the Parks of Hamilton bus usage as well, we don’t need that either, let’s have as little do with any part of their toxic club as is possible.

  • Anthony Mcquade says:

    The”bhoys “ ( how dare they hijack every decent CELTIC FANS name bhoys and ghirl s.
    They are not a fan group. They are a bunch of losers who not only attack their own but who are scaring parents with kids away from Celtic Park .
    The club knows who they are yet appears SCARED to deal with them in an appropriate manner .
    They are a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ENTITY from the Green Brigade .
    They try to be the same as the Green Brigade but unlike the members of THE NORTH CURVE “the bhoys “ have no class .
    Their main objective appears to be destruction as witnessed before and after yesterday s game . Remove them completely. Eradicate this disease from our club

  • Al says:

    Reacted to those bastards . I certainly wouldnt ve grassing anyone up. Ban the huns and end the poison.

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