As Celtic’s Big Greek Takes The Top Scorer Prize, The Morelos Bubble Is Finally Burst.

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Just before I went on holiday, I wrote a piece that I said should strike fear into the hearts of our rivals; our strikers had not bagged more than a dozen goals each.

In a triumphant season, we did not have anybody in our side who blazed his way up the scoring charts.

Kyogo and Giakoumakis added a couple more each on the final day, and those goals made them joint first and second top scorers in the SPL.

Giakoumakis wins the gong because although he and Reagan Charles Cooke have the same number of goals – with 13 – the big Greek did it in less games. Far less games, as I’ll get to in a moment.

13 goals in an SPL season doesn’t sound like an awful lot for a striker, but the big guy was not the first choice for many months and he was injured for a couple as well. He got those 13 in just 21 games.

With a whole campaign behind him, he’d comfortably have hit 20 and maybe even 30 based on the way he was banging the goals in.

Kyogo scored 12 in 20 SPL games.

That’s, perhaps, an even more impressive stat.

But actually it pales in comparison to what the Greek did, because when you’re talking about time on the pitch versus goals the Greek averaged one every 81 minutes. Kyogo averages one every 101 minutes.

Both those numbers are pretty amazing, and put them far ahead of all their rivals.

Charles Cook had a great season, but his own average is a goal every 228 minutes. That puts both of our forwards far and away from him. What’s more, Jota and Abada have a minutes per goal ratio which is also better than that; 221 for the Portuguese winger and 219 for the Israeli. Both scored ten times in the course of the league campaign.

Now, over the next few weeks you are undoubtedly going to hear that Freddy The Ned is being looked at by some of the biggest clubs in Europe.

But as I pointed out the other day, he has played five seasons in the SPL now and in not one of them has he scored 20 goals.

That’s a hard fact, and it’s a hard fact that looks worse when you consider that this season is his worst return in the league; he managed a paltry 11 goals.

Ibrox fans will cry foul and wail and whine – when do they not? – about how he missed the back end of the season with injury. True. But then, as has been pointed out, Giakoumakis and Kyogo have both missed significant stretches of the campaign.

Morelos played 26 games, which is five more than the Greek and six more than our Japanese predator.

Their minutes per goals ratio is exceptional.

His own average is a goal every 193 minutes in the league.

That isn’t even enough to get him into third place behind our front two; Bruce Anderson of Livingston gets there ahead of him with a ratio of a goal every 145.

Morelos is simply not as good a player as his acolytes and toadies claim him to be.

The hype machine will go into overdrive this summer though as the press tries to find him a new berth, before his contract runs down and the Ibrox club gets nothing. But a huffy brat who has not, in five campaigns, managed to sink 20 goals in any of them, in Scotland’s top flight is not the sort of player that the super-clubs will come calling for.

As far as our forwards go, the biggest headache Ange will have next season is choosing between them.

I fancy both to make a huge impact, and instead of getting 25 goals between them, at least one of them will blaze past that total on his own … if they both don’t get there over the course of the campaign.

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  • Dando says:

    The league (including CL qualification) was THE competition everyone in Scotland wanted this season, anything else is just bluster ….

    Glad they got the chance to use up the Europa league / SPFL championship fireworks yesterday though !!!!


  • Johnny Green says:

    Great stats that auger well for next season and I’m also expecting Maeda, with a well deserved close season rest, to also come flying out the traps and to contribute even more to our goal tally. The future is green and white.

    • Martin says:

      If Morelos was even half the player my sevco Ian friends have been calling him for 5 years he’d have been away by now. The fact he’s still with them suggests that outside of Govan, people know what he is.

  • Bob (original) says:

    The best they can do with Morelos is put him out on loan, to get him off the payroll – if they can?

    Or mibbees a free transfer back to Colombia?

  • Paul Murphy says:

    We have goals all over the team now, can’t wait until all are rested and ready together for next season!

  • Frankie says:

    Moreorless will need to stop eating full stop starting to look like a beached whale.

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