Celtic Fans Laugh As Another Gerrard Slip Costs Liverpool The Premiership Title.

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On an absolutely remarkable final day of the EPL season, everything seemed to be going Liverpool’s way, as long as they were able to score a second to defeat Wolves.

Because at Manchester City Gerrard had accomplished what seemed miraculous; his Villa side were 2-0 up in what was an astonishingly negative – 27% possession at the time – performance.

And he couldn’t hold on.

City came storming back, even as Liverpool were putting their points on the board and winning 3-1. City secured the win with an astounding turnaround and they are, again, the English Premiership champions.

Gerrard hopes, one day, to be the manager at Anfield.

As a player his famous slip against Chelsea deprived them of a title in Rodgers’ spell.

Today’s slip is even bigger and potentially costlier; and it keeps Celtic’s magnificent 1967 record intact.

Liverpool could have been the team with the best claim to having got near to equalling that (four trophies as opposed to our five of course) and their former player just assured that they won’t.

That record is going to stand the test of time.

All of us are entitled to have a good laugh about this today; Gerrard, who once professed himself a Celtic fan, pledged his allegiance to the club populated by goons and bigots and is now an Ibrox icon for winning the Empty Stadiums Title …

But his heart has never lain with that club but at Anfield, and for the second time in his career he is at least partly responsible for depriving that team of a championship.

If they are ever daft enough to appoint him manager, he’ll cost them a lot more.

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  • Fun time frankie says:

    Sean go and live in Liverpool if you like them that much ,I’ve never understood any celtic fan saying there my English club. We have Colts and celtic ghirls to support.

  • Scud Missile says:

    He is making s song and dance of the goalkeeping incident giving it our goalkeeper was attacked lol. I’m quite surprised he ain’t used that line he used in his first game in charge at a sevco when they drew 1all with Aberdeen apparently everyone had it in for sevco for years,but he would never be allowed to use that down south they don’t take to kindly to slander.

  • Tony B says:

    Slippy is a shite manager. He was a great footballer and captain of Liverpool but that was a long time ago.

    He doesn’t have what it takes to manage a top football team in the modern era.

    He got away with it because of the fawning toadies in the Scottish media, and some fool in England believed it enough to hire him. More fool them.

    He hasn’t got what it takes and never will have.

  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    I can’t believe the number oh Celtic supporters that av spoke we an they’re convinced he will get the Liverpool job, replacing Klopp when he leaves.

    If that happens, it’ll be their Brendan Rogers/ Neil Lennon moment…..

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      Liverpool will appoint a manager on merit not sentiment sevy g has no chance

  • Daniel Lyttle says:

    There is nothing positive about Man City, or Chelsea or PSG or soon to be Newcastle – Roman and his Russian gangster money may have been removed but they will be replaced by American capitalist criminals in a few weeks…Yes, let’s laugh at slippy G etc but the problem is, Celtic ARE a far bigger club than any of the sportwashing franchise’s named above but that counts for the square root of hee haw in modern football

  • king murdy says:

    i ALWAYS watched out for the ‘pool’s results…because of the scots connection…going back to shankly..then really taking off when dalglish joined them…does that make me any less of a tim ? …..unlike the nouveau riche clubs and their bandwagon jumping fans, they have a rich history in the game….some of the above comments decrying tim liverpool fans are sooooo childish…as, i think, this article is…gerard didn’t lose them the league…their failure to beat both city and spurs did the damage….
    i do enjoy and look forward to your post’s james, but feel sometimes you let yourself down by resorting to “lowest common denominator ” nonsense, more akin to 5th grade sour grape crap.
    i think you are better than this.

  • Martin says:

    Read this out of mild interest and found out through it Man City won the prostitutes’ league. So little interest do I take in the money laundering league that I otherwise wouldn’t have known. Turns out now that I know I still don’t really care.

    As for slippy? He no longer works for the orca so I give him no thought. Unless whatever team he manages now comes up against celtic I doubt I ever will again.

  • Malc says:

    No, Celtic fans are not laughing, at least this one isn’t. I wanted Liverpool to triumph. I don’t give two fucks about Gerrard. You might be the voice of TheCelticBlog James, but you’re not the voice of Celtic fans everywhere. Take this crap down James, it is pathetic. If Liverpool won everything they entered then fair play to them – we’ll always have a) first to do it and b) we actually contested and won 5 trophies in 67.

  • Edward Mc Graw says:

    “Go and live in Liverpool”, dear oh dear Frankie, I take it you werent offended by the famine song if that’s your mindset, surely we are free to have an affection for another team out with Celtic no?, I wanted Liverpoool to win but that doesn’t mean I don’t love Celtic, or that I should relocate,catch yourself on man.

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