Celtic’s Season Will Be Defined Only By What Our Own Club Does In It.

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For all the white noise being generated elsewhere, and for all the long inquest that some folk seem determined to indulge in regarding our European record, one thing is true and it has been true since this season started and it will be true when it ends.

As far as Celtic is concerned, this campaign will be judged only by what we do.

We are not in control of events elsewhere.

We are not responsible for events elsewhere.

The performances of other clubs do not enhance nor detract from our own achievements.

Nothing that we accomplished in this campaign, none of the progress we made on the field or in terms of the squad, was negated last night.

Not one thing.

Let the arguments rage over what the greater accomplishments are but keep your eyes on the prize.

Our tasks were to rebuild the team and to win the league title; by any available metric we succeeded.

Do not lose sight of that amidst the euphoria at a club which hasn’t actually won anything yet. Their season could yet evaporate into nothing.

In the meantime, ignore it.

Focus on what we’ve done right so far, and focus on what we have to do next.

What we have to do next, I covered in the last piece.

If Ibrox’s club does win the Europa League then this manager has to be given the kind of support that no Celtic boss has enjoyed in the last 30 years; unqualified, what-you-say-goes type backing.

But for the moment this is not a live issue.

For the moment the focus of every Celtic fan should be on the party to come at the weekend, the one this team has fought for, sweated blood for and is now on the verge of grabbing with both hands.

And we earned it. By God, we earned it.

I do not intend to forget that either in the next few weeks or over the course of the summer.

I do not intend to forget that when this season began we were a stumbling, tumbling shambles of a club and that in the course of 9 amazing months that Ange Postecoglou has turned us into a winning side with the consistency to dominate the league.

I said some weeks ago that of all the league titles that I can remember since we Stopped The Ten that this would be the most special, and that will hold no matter what else may happen around us because I love this club and really only care about its success … everything else I do on this site revolves around the central element which is Celtic.

In the end, it is only the health and progress of this great club that matters to me.

Everything on the periphery is important only inasmuch as it impacts on that goal.

Ibrox fans who regularly read this site delude themselves that their club has some massive central role in my life; I care only in how what they do impacts Celtic … Celtic is what all of this is about.

This title means more than most because we won it under circumstances so outlandish and unbelievable that it is awesome to contemplate.

This title means so much because it is a celebration of us.

And when it comes down to it, that’s really all I give a damn about, and by that measure this season will be a success because when it is finished our name will once more be carved on the league trophy.

If other clubs win things that’s for them to enjoy.

I know that I will be drinking a toast to Ange Postecoglou and the joy he’s brought us come what way.

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  • Charles says:

    Through all the media trash over the season around our neighbours in Europe our actual stats arent as bad as you think. P 14 w 6 L7 D1. Eliminated from EL with 9 points. They have P18 W7 L7 D4. Havent beaten one team home and away. Qualified with least points of all 8. Somehow they have reached a final. Hard to believe.

  • Frankie says:

    Absolute brilliant thoughts in your writing James,that is what we must always remember stick to our family group and don’t bother about any outsider papers,pundits,sfa/spfl,police Scotland, government all against us.,as Russ Abbott sang I Love a party with a happy atmosphere.We should all take a leaf out What Ange says never look at the rest.

  • Charles says:

    Great article. Hail Hail.???

  • Pedro says:

    You know the Huns are always in and out of Celtic sites, trying to get us to either implode or turn on one another or have us clamped, but you know the best way to dampen their gloating over us? Wish them well, then they’ve nowhere else to go- nothing pours water on hatred than humility, and we have it in spades

  • john clarke says:

    I must congratulate Rangers and Gio for their convincing win over Leipzig. I am not trying to annoy Celtic fans. Rangers are highly likely to win the next three Premiers League games, whilst Celtic could be beaten by Hearts and draw with Dundee United and Motherwell. This is the worst case result and not likely. I hope not for Ange, the Club, James and Fans sake.
    Against Rangers, in the last 20 minutes, Celtic players tried hard, were not dispirited; but lost energy and probably had muscle weakness. You could see the contrast with Rangers players, being more energetic. I saw a video “How to eat like a Celtic player” by Sam Waldorp, a friend of John Tierney. His main protein source was chicken and salmon. When players are worked as hard as they are by Ange’s team, they will suffer muscle microtears. This is normal and can be beneficial, providing the diet has adequate high quality protein. I mean casein, albumin and red meat (beef and prime lamb protein). Scotland supposedly produces the best prime lambs in Britain. Roast rack of lambs with roast vegetables should be in the diet….As should roast Angus cube roll (Scotch fillet) with vegetables. If you add beer and or whisky, you have the post-war; mid-day Sunday family diet. I am not throwing out Sam’s chicken and salmon. Christiano Ronaldo gets a lot of his protein from swordfish, bream and sea bass. In the cool season, one survey found 25% of Scots were deficient in Vitamin D. Since I cannot answer my own question because of insufficient information (and expertise); that’s it. Sam Waldorp’s presented diet, may well be far removed from what today’s players eat.
    To Celtic FC team; put the Premiership beyond doubt on Sunday. You can do it.

  • Garry Cowan says:

    No matter what happens at snake mountain we are Celtic and nobody can ever take that away from us HH

  • john clarke says:

    Sorry, I mean Saturday.

    On Sunday the players will be looking forward to eating a well marbled, tender Angus steak with roast vegetables. The beast will be finished with a supplement of whisky draff. Typically Scotch!

  • john clarke says:

    Thanks for the compliment. At least I peaked at the end of the season and not peak, drop-off and save with a good enough plateau of form. I also had a tapering of strenuous commenting for one and a half days before each game. Apology may be needed.
    Sarcasm is the lowest form of humour, except when the target is politicians and blow-hards. Angelos is not one of these; so James can edit out the last bit.

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