Cinch And The SPFL Should Not Be Hiding Behind Celtic’s Title Win To Avoid Upsetting Ibrox.

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There’s a story in The Record today that says that SPFL clubs were relieved that Celtic won the title, because they feared that an Ibrox triumph in that competition, followed by a subsequent refusal from their club to use any of the cinch branding might have brought about circumstances where the sponsor tore up the contract and forced them to a tough decision.

That “tough decision” would have been about whether or not to sue the Ibrox club in court, as part of a class action. I honestly can’t see why any club would believe that this was a tough decision.

It should be more or less automatic.

Frankly, I don’t know why this debate is still going on.

That should have been proposed and seconded months ago and the very clear threat sent to Park and his board as to what would happen if cinch pulled as much as a penny from the deal.

All this pissing about plays into Ibrox’s hands. It is gutless and could plunge the game into anarchy.

It will impact on every commercial deal that the league signs going forward, and if there are actually doubts amongst the clubs that this requires robust action then the people running those clubs are pure fools who deserve everything they get.

Instead of acting they are breathing a sigh of relief that we won the title so that they don’t have to think about those kinds of decisions, but this weakness, this spinelessness, is what Ibrox has long relied on.

I cannot believe that this nonsense has been allowed to drag on for the duration of this campaign, and even now people are dithering over what to do.

The Ibrox directors should have been removed from the SPFL board two years ago. Their club should have been told, publicly, that a refusal to fulfil their obligations under the sponsorship deal will result in their losing any of the fruits of that deal.

Their refusal to co-operate with a second SPFL sponsorship agreement was another warning that they believe they can do what they please, and if they are allowed to other clubs have no cause to abide by signed contracts either.

Celtic’s title win – however pleased cinch are with the publicity – should not stop these other clubs from doing what has to be done. Ibrox’s behaviour in relation to this contract will have long term consequences unless they are dealt with robustly.

Frankly, it is embarrassing that clubs are now hiding behind our triumph as an excuse for not doing so. I cannot believe that there is so little stomach for a fight amongst them; this is an existential issue for those clubs at the bottom of the game.

It is high time that they started to act like it.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    It has been a struggle in recent years to attract sponsors for the league and cups.

    All that the sevco club has done is to make that task even more difficult in the future.

    But, as has been painfully obvious, especially since 2011/12:

    the Ibrox club runs Scottish football, and for its own benefit.

  • john mc guire says:

    so lets get it right James are you asking the brothers down at their ludges to fall out with the paw-grabbers that run Sevco and the s.f.a. and every other scottish club ,its bad enough being a tim now if this happend not only the masons who referee all our games ,are not going to give us a level playing field your wanting the whole of scottish football to treat us like lepers .

    • Seppington says:

      Do you enjoy being cheated by these scumbags? Happy to sit at the back of the bus and let the corrupt bastards do what they like?

      I don’t and I’m not, and I’m sure most of us feel the same.

  • G.ward says:

    Any money received from the deal to the Rangers should be taken off them. And spilt amongst the other clubs.

  • Thomas Cochrane says:

    The clubs are spinless on this and the most cowardly of the lot are Celtic, they are terrified to upset their business partner on anything at all.

    • BhilltheTim says:

      Celtic are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they do take the lead on this then the press and authorities will spin it as “just another Rangers/Celtic/Old Firm thing” but nobody else will stick their head over the parapet and risk the Wrath of the Klan.
      (That might make a good film title!)

  • Patrick Long says:

    When GVB was interviewed after the Europa cup final, the usual sponsors’ backdrop was there and I am are there was a car rental company amongst them. I think it was Enterprise Car Rental.
    Any conflict of interest there for Douglas Park

  • Therese Storrie says:

    I am really getting angrier by every post or blog I read How on earth are these people going about doing what they bloody like ? Why are we allowing it to happen ? Why does the media both written or recorded cow tow to this new club Are they scared or just afraid to upset them ? I thought that everyone would treat them as any new team but their sense of entitlement knows no bounds I include the Celtic board as well Why does everyone accept their crap ? It’s time for a rethink Are we all going to sit back and watch this team of no marks rule Scottish football ? Time to make a stand!!!!!!!

    • Scud Missile says:

      Lol the fun and games have yet to start for next season as the problems pile up for the board,they will have their next issue and victim to focus on to keep the heat from themselves and the klub.
      It will be another sponsorship deal or an issue with a club but wilth a definite squirrel story to distract from whatever problem the klan klub are experiencing at the time.
      In saying that the CHISLER from South Africa has gone quiet there must be something brewing in the background with Itchy Sack Jack at the Evening sevco and BOOZE JOCKEY Jacko Jackson ready to pounce when King gives the green light to go and attack the board again.
      Watch this space.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol the new season has not even kicked off as yet and already its squeaky bum time at the SPFL. Should the BIGOTED KLUB continue with their boycott of cinch for next season,no doubt SPFL sitting there praying for another Celtic league win to keep the lawyers away from getting involved with the sevco klub and toys being thrown out the pram around sponsorship deals.
    I see the storytelling around no water in the stadium in Seville has dried up no more FAKE news then.

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