Did The BBC Manage To Further Shred Its Reputation Amongst Celtic Fans Last Night?

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This has been a surreal year for BBC Sports Scotland, one in which the native biases at the broadcaster have become so obvious that even its supposed “neutrals” no longer hide them from the public gaze but boast about them on Twitter.

Nowhere else outside of Ibrox, even accounting for the rest of the mainstream media, can you find so many of the idiot sons who played at that ground in employment, legitimising the most gormless opinions and giving careers to people who would otherwise be picking up litter. BBC Sports Scotland has become like a bad satire on itself.

When I heard they were doing a show dedicated to Celtic’s title win I said that it was about time and especially since they did the same for Ibrox last year. At the time of writing this piece I have yet to see even one minute of the show; I intend to watch it this morning, probably around the time some of you are reading this article on it.

But also as soon as it finished last night, I started getting messages.

The first one didn’t get my attention much. It was from someone who said that the show was outright unbelievable and could not have talked about the Ibrox club more if it tried. One person’s opinion is always easy to dismiss but the next message said “Why didn’t they just call it ‘How Ibrox lost the league’ since that’s what most of it was about?”

That was much harder to dismiss, because it’s one of the narratives that some on the BBC have been pushing all season long.

“What the Hell was Kenny Miller doing on a show about Celtic?” the next message read, and it too suggested it was an Ibrox love-a-thon which just so happened to mention us a few times. “What does the Scottish semi-final have to do with Celtic winning the league?” was what someone else asked me. And the Europa League Final?

If this show is even half as bad as people have told me that it is then it stinks like a fish-farm at low tide. If it’s anywhere near as bad then it’s an outright scandal, the BBC doing pro-Sevco spin when they are supposed to be focussed on us.

Ibrox did not “lose the league.” It was won by Celtic on a storming 32 game unbeaten run, which blew away the competition. We beat the Ibrox club at home, we beat them at their house. We took seven points off them out of twelve and won the title with room to spare after a start which saw us lose three times in the opening six games.

No team has ever deserved a title more.

No title has ever been sweeter.

All the BBC had to do here was focus on Celtic, only on Celtic, and tell the story about how we put that run together, how the signings gelled, how it all clicked into place … that’s a simple enough story to tell, and the one that our club deserves after that incredible debut campaign from Ange and the players.

And if they have screwed that up to make excuses for Ibrox, to paint a false narrative, to claim that the glory was somehow shared equally between the two Glasgow teams or anything at all in that vein then they deserve every bit of criticism and odium and fury that is unleashed on them by this support, which is absolutely sick and tired of the bias of that organisation, bias that does not even wear a mask of disguise any longer.

When I’m done watching it, I’ll write a proper review … but let me tell you, I am not longer looking forward to seeing this.

It sounds like it was a disgrace.

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  • Frankie says:

    Wished I had never stayed up to watch it with my granddaughter watching it you would have thought sevco won the league If I were you James I would not waist my precious Time you seen Ange at the end for about 1minute what a disgrace by bbc sevco.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Do people forget that Kenny Miller also played for Celtic? He was there because, believe it or not, it was a Title race that the Sons of Satan were involved in. Craig Gordon another ex Celt was also there to talk about Hearts early challenge and both of their comments were relevant. Yes they showed a lot of the SOS, but that was necessary in order to compare Celtic’s progress in comparison to them as the season progressed. Showing their Cup Final win was perhaps unnecessary as the focus was supposed to be on the league, but they also showed us winning the League Cup final to show our progress at that stage as the league was being fought out.. I personally didn’t see a lot at fault with the program and I enjoyed watching the whole scenario unfold. When it comes to the BBC we Tims tend to look for the negatives in what they do, we are too pedantic and to hard to please. In my opinion the balance of events was okay and they get pass marks from me.

  • Frank Mullen says:

    I started messaging after about 10 mins. It was absolutely all about them. A disgraceful production but just what we’ve come to expect from the BBC

  • Denis Rodgers says:

    It was an absolute disgrace & I have no doubt signed off by Tom English.

  • Mark Rouse says:

    I stumbled on the last 10 minutes. Jumped from our win at home, to the win at their ground. Highlighting a Scottish semi, and European final about them. Before a 30 second piece on the last 2 games. I had to check the name of the show, to make sure I wasn’t watching the wrong channel. They don’t attempt to hide their bias anymore

  • Bryan Coyle says:

    Normally I refuse to watch Sportscene or listen to Sportsound but I thought I would tune in last night.I was sitting there wondering who the hell won the league as they talked up Sevco so much.I don’t pay for a TV licence as I won’t subsidise all the tax dodgers BBC Scotland employ.An absolute disgrace and they don’t even try to hide it now.

  • Frankie says:

    Johnny green what total shit the programme was supposed to be about us millar going on about them beating the Germans what is that to do with us.

  • Laurie Burns says:

    Anyone who thought this would be a bbc hun production giving due praise to Celtic is the eternal optimist. There is only ever one outfit of any interest to the bbc wether it’s tv or radio therefore I suggest Celtic supporters should ever watch or listen.

  • Paul says:

    I wouldn’t waste an hour of your time watching that nonsense

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    That wumman talked about them beating Dortmund wtf has that to do with our title win

  • Jack says:

    Just watched it and thought it was okay. Most (not all) of the Sevco stuff was probably necessary to show the story of how the season panned out. Kenny Miller is too much of a hun and the lassie didn’t add much of interest. Craig Gordon has Andy Walker syndrome (seems to have a chip on his shoulder about Celtic). All the other speakers were good in my opinion. I’d give the programme 7 out of 10. The BBC in general is still shite though.

  • Jack says:

    Forgot to add that their mentioning of the “Old Firm” is really annoying. They need to remember that no such thing exists. This is why they have no credibility.

  • Scud Missile says:

    James let’s just enjoy their pain,with Miller having to talk his way through us winning the title and actually looking for the sick bucket at us being CHAMPIONS.
    See it for what it is think of the pain the people had been in putting it together and having to get it out there.
    I know where I am with it.

  • Michael Pope says:

    After reading it once, could hardly believe the guff being put down. Reading again, I noted the author, Johnny GREEN. So it just had to be a wind-up!
    But mibee no? Let’s see….us tims….pedantic…always looking for the negatives, too hard to please.
    And you’re supposed to be a Celic fan!!
    Maybe you’ll get a call soon from bbc/rfc inviting you to join their team ( Steven Thomson, Craig Levein, K Billy Dodds, etc) Then they’ve got a suitable o.t.t. when they’re rightly accused of blatant bias. otherwise

  • Garry Cowan says:

    The whole programme was how to say you support rangers without saying you support rangers

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