Ibrox Now Has More UEFA Fines From Their “European Run” Than They Got Wins.

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Today UEFA handed down yet another fine to the Ibrox club for the behaviour of the fans during their “glory” run to the Europa League Final. It is their eighth this season, which means that they have now officially racked up more of them than they got wins on the way to the showpiece match in Seville. A quite remarkable statistic.

At a time when their fans are still squealing about their treatment in the ground, and in the city, their club has now paid out over £100,000 in UEFA sanctions. And these are fines about songs or banners; most of them have been about the throwing of objects, and one thing is for sure; UEFA’s leniency on this will not last indefinitely.

These are the kinds of things that result in fan bans and partial stadium closures.

We should know. Our own board has warned our fans about it time and again.

I am frankly amazed that none of these citations have come for the bile that pours out of their fans at every game these days. UEFA has sanctioned them before for some of the songs which were heard in their stadium and at away grounds during this run. FARE have not been monitoring them as closely as they once were. That may change.

What certainly won’t change is the behaviour of the Ibrox support short of some form of sanction that really hurts. Their club has not put the least pressure on them to behave, because these fans are paltry and thus they have no incentive to do so.

There may yet be more fines to come too, as these are only for the semi-finals.

There was some use of pyro at the final and there were high profile incidents inside the ground involving their fans attacking the kiosk staff. It may or may not be in the referee’s report, but if it is then their club faces another round of sanctions.

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  • Michael Conway says:

    The daily ranger will not make this headline news,its only when things go south with Celtic fans that they make it headline news,anger fc have been a disgrace to the sponsors of the spfa with there disgusting non advertising for the sponsors of the spfa so give them fook all runners up money,big Mike fooked them in court & so would cinch,they have always been & always be Scotlands shame

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