Ibrox’s Statement Tonight Is Pure Lunacy. Celtic Handled This Just Right.

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I wrote earlier about the Celtic fans that this club badly needs to weed out of the support. But Ibrox as usual reacts with a sense of grievance and victimhood and batshit craziness all out of proportion and reeking of the hypocrisy of a club that thinks it is entitled to all the basic courtesies that it never extends to the rest of the world.

How dare that club, that club whose modern foundations were built on hate crime, and whose predecessor was steeped in it, throw that accusation at our fans?

More and more that club sounds and acts like a Trumpian lunatic locked in a divergent reality … right now they sound like Sergei Lavrov, telling the world that the West is the aggressor whilst his country rains missiles down on innocent people. They can convince themselves of their own bullshit, but the rest of us smell it and know exactly what it is.

Celtic’s response slapped them without even directly addressing their ridiculous statement. That handful of our own support which behaved abysmally today deserves everything that’s coming to them, but I will not have that club play the victim card when its fans were happy to return fire and more. They are the club that has pointedly failed to make a public apology to Celtic over the scandal of Ibrox; how dare they moralise to us in light of that?

Our club will continue to conduct itself in a professional and disciplined manner. Their club will continue to act like pathological lunatics. Their statement tonight is absolute moon-howling. They might as well have accused of us ethnic cleansing and being run by Nazis whilst they were at it, that’s how bug-eyed it was and is.

They always were a bit crazy, a bit mental, a bit out-there, but since they hired the Unionist they have gone increasingly beyond what would have once been limits even for them. If you thought the Jim Traynor years were a time of PR lunacy, well they were nothing compared to the period we’re living in today where this kind of madness is the norm.

Of course, part of this is pure deflection. Their board is just as prone to delusion as their most rabid fan and they thought they could come to Celtic Park today, win and still push us to the last day for this title. Whatever else might be said about our performance today, they failed in the only job that mattered. They needed to win and didn’t.

And so of course there was going to be something. I think a section of our fan-base, the one that will never be mistaken for the Brains Trust, made it easy to do that deflecting but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the manner in which they’ve put that statement out reeks of such tactics. It is an appalling statement from a club which is lost up its own arse.

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  • Pedro says:

    You jumped the shark on your previous thread JF, with all their previous you really should have known better

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    We shouldn’t have given them a chance to release their statements,we as a support are better than that

  • vincent mcsherry says:

    The singing etc. today from the GB was disgusting and embarresing and makes us as bad as them, Cant complain about them shouting FTP etc. when we have to listen to this unadulterated garbage from the GB. Perhaps the board will do something about it but i would’nt hold by breath as like the SPFL and SFA they might offend their business partners at Ibrox

  • Dora says:

    Well said James—that skum support wreak havoc everywhere they go and the footballing world are well aware of the angers footy klub aka wangers.
    They truly are a rotten klub but leave m to it…constant stain on society—popular klub I swear!

  • Dora says:

    All it took was a fraction of those rats to be in the building and it turns rotten, just like sevco I suppose!
    The contrast—the last home game and the atmosphere was magical, the lighting..unbelievable!!
    Still have a peek on a regular basis..!!
    No huns/zombies…bliss!!

  • SSMPM says:

    That scum should never be allowed in Paradise. History repeats itself time and time again and we’re now in a period where its an ever increasing cycle of violence.
    Its time to take preventative action to safeguard the welfare of our fans, grandparents, parents and kids from their violent consequences. It has to be a red card now.
    Its right in principle, or because that’s the rules, to give tickets to away fans but just f@cking ban THAT SCUM. Their behaviour breaches the rules of what’s acceptable everywhere their dna lands. There is little or no accountability for their violence nor the violation of decency with the vile bile that spews continuous orange-ism, bigotry and racism from their zombie hatred. Save us from that too. Kick Them Out.
    Its also right to defend yourself aggressively if required from the bottles, missiles, chairs, etc, thrown from that SCUM and landing on or near you and your bhoys. I think before any of our lot start throwing stones at our own supporters too and try to get all fans defending themselves served with bans, they should hang fire on this one. The idea of running from rampaging huns is not in line with how the west thinks, right… Surely its not wrong to stand and fight the hun. Champions should behave like champions.

  • Bob says:

    There is a lot of Celtic fans very critical of the team just at this moment, look how far they have come from the complete mess last season the main point about Sunday was not to get beat Ange has done a wonderful job in bringing us so far win the league collect the money spend it all on players don’t bank any of it, destroy them across the city after all according to all the doubters we would not win it or be nowhere near it.Hopefully they will have to call an old friend in Lord Hodge.

    • Martin says:

      Indeed there has been a decent transformation. However if we do not strengthen significantly in the summer it will be for nothing. I’ve been seeing my fellow fans talk about us being “miles ahead” of them. Financially maybe, but on the pitch we are not that far apart. They’ll likely strengthen in summer even without the funds to back it up. We need to. We’re nowhere near CL level and we’re a bit away from being comfortable domestically too.

      LB, CDM and winger needed minimum. It’ll also be good to assess the new bhoys post summer break and pre season. But if we win this league and rest on our laurels again (I’ve seen this too many times over the past 20 or so years) we will regress and last season’s rot will return.

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