If Celtic Want Help From The Lowland League Maybe We Should Cease Threatening Them.

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I was pleased to see that The Celtic Star put up a piece today decrying the behaviour of club in relation to the Lowland League situation.

We played our B team there last season, and whilst I was, and remain, opposed to that action on the grounds that it’s not a level our players are going to learn anything at, it was the only offer we had, and thus I was appalled this morning when I saw the papers.

Our club, joining force with Hearts and the mob across the city, to issue ultimatums to people who have done us a favour? That’s horrendous, and we should have had no part in it.

It’s for the Lowland League itself to decide whether or not to accept clubs. They have already taken ourselves and the Ibrox lot, and had Hearts got their application in earlier then the merits of that might have been discussed and voted on properly.

We are behaving like the worst kinds of bullies in making demands and issuing threats.

Frankly, we have no business doing either, and especially not when it would be severely to our detriment to do so.

The Lowland League is not going to back down in the face of those threats, and so the only people who will suffer are ourselves and Ibrox because our B teams have got nowhere else to go in order to play competitive football.

We need these people more than they need us.

Yes, we put money on the table but it’s blatantly obvious that the Lowland League do not believe that such sums are worth compromising further the integrity of their tournaments and who can blame them for that?

There is integrity in that, and certainly more integrity than we’re showing getting down in the gutter as we seem to have here.

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