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McManus Claim About Celtic’s Squad In Relation To Ibrox’s Is Delusional Rubbish.

Image for McManus Claim About Celtic’s Squad In Relation To Ibrox’s Is Delusional Rubbish.

Tam McManus is not the sharpest tool in the box.

This guy is lucky if his IQ points hit the heights of an SPL relegation haul.

He has been embarrassed time and time again by some of the nonsense that pours out of his mouth, and today I have no problem slapping him with his own words and the truth behind them once more. He earned it.

No surprise that it’s the Record, who he “writes” for – I use that word in the sense that he can put words down on the page in some kind of discernible order – that is reporting his latest witless prattle.

In an article whose very headline gives away the intent, titled “Rangers rated ‘stronger’ than Celtic in key area as pundit’s verdict defies Premiership table” he suggests that the NewCo has a stronger squad than us, as emphasised by their subs.

Right away you, like I was, will be saying “Eah? What?”

But let’s not simply react like that.

Let’s apply the two things that he has been unable to; thought and logic.

Let’s examine the claim on its … err … merits.

And it doesn’t take long to realise that it has none.

“I think (they) have still got a stronger squad,” this goon said. “Celtic are going to win the league but (Ibrox) have a stronger squad. Celtic ‘s starting XI is probably stronger … and that’s borne out with results in the league. But it was the same in the semi-final, (Ibrox) got stronger as the game went on with the subs they were bringing on. Celtic got weaker.”

During the game yesterday, Ibrox brought on – and I shit you not, these are the players on whom this moron is basing this absolutely ridiculous theory – Ryan Jack, Scott Wright and the Manchester United wonderkid who I think has played less than two hours total in three months.

Celtic’s substitutes were Tom Rogic, a player of the year contender and scorer of the PFA goal of the season, Liel Abada, the young player of the year winner, Nir Bitton and Giorgios Giakoumakis.

Who didn’t get off the bench? James Forrest, David Turnbull, James McCarthy and Stephen Welsh.

Who was still sitting on theirs? Ittern, King, Lowry, Sands and Glen Kamara.

The claim is risible.

I am insulted that I even have to use a scintilla of brain power in refuting this absolute twaddle.

McManus doesn’t have the intellect of pond life.

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  • MarkE says:

    When ranger2 were trailing 1-0, McCoist, commentating, commented on how weak the Ibrox sides bench was relative to Celtics!

    I don’t think they’re any kind of benchmark we should be setting our own standards by though, the new Ibrox tenants, though tbf they are a well organised side!

    Celtic need to release and replace a teams(at least) worth of players this summer transfer window as we need strengthening in every position!

    Players I’d let go of:

    Forrest, Bain, Ralston, Bitton, Taylor, Barkas, Soro, Bolongoli, Welsh, McCarthy, Ajeti, Jullien, Johnston.

    Abada and Hatate, despite both having had good starts at the club, both seem to have went backwards, though a case could be made for both still finding their feet at the club…

    • Johnny Green says:

      Jullien, really why? What has he done wrong apart from getting a bad injury?

    • Martin says:

      Abada has gone backwards?? The guy’s stats were mainly hampered by his game time, nothing else. He’s still a tremendous talent. And only 19. A great asset. I would keep Jullien. He’s yet to really come back from injury and I do think he suits the style of play. He offers height and heading in both boxes. Taylor can stay too. Really overperforming at present and I don’t see any issues with him being at least the back up.

      Welsh, loan at most. He’s a young prospect too.

    • Paul Mac says:

      You do realise that unless we replace the 7 scottish trained players with another 7 scottish trained players then we can not fulfil the quota for UEFA competitions ?
      One of the arguments when McCarthy was signed was that not only would he provide an experienced cover he would assist in meeting the scottish trained criteria for UEFA rules.
      Welsh and Johnston I would agree should be allowed to go on loan (Mikey should have gone on loan a few seasons back) Ralston and Taylor are good SPFL level back ups ..

      • MarkE says:

        Dembele, McGregor, Scott Robertson, meet the clubs own youth system UEFA criteria, from which we need 4 players; surely we have other eligible players from our own youth system, of potential future first team quality, who would make up the 4th player, and potentially the other 4…

        Turnbull helps make up the numbers for the rest of the quota of 8 from our national league, so we’re 4 short…

        I suppose in that respect you could make a case for 4 players out of Johnston, Taylor, Ralston, Welsh, McCarthy, Forrest etc!

        Agree about Johnston and Welsh loan deals; Mikeys infuriating as he’s no doubt a talented player but he lacks composure and isn’t a team player, always trying to do it all himself!

        Welsh seems to have stalled in his progression; his lack of awareness cost us the second goal in the Scottish Cup semi where he played them onside when his teammates sprung the offside trap!

        Forrest looks done!

        Ralston and Taylor both give their all, so are probably the pick of the bunch.

  • MarkE says:

    Taylors had his best season ever, but was out his depth in Europe. Julliens best years are probably behind him. Welsh hasn’t improved. Abada was our weak link in attack in the cup v sevco, like being a man down, 2 if you factor in Hatate’s performance…just my tuppence worth.

    I’d give Hatate and Abada another season to improve.

    We need to sign Jota, CCV, Solbakken(if possible) and players of their quality or better, in order to improve the team and our European performance’s.

    All sentiment aside, i don’t think the clubs long term players i highlighted suit Ange’s 433 system, don’t offer enough, and we could do better than them in the transfer market.

    • Smokey says:

      Agreed.. Abada and especially Hatate have gone backwards… in saying that I would keep Abada long before Hatate…
      Would like big Julian to make a comeback

      • john clarke says:

        Liel Abada has just been awarded the Wim Jensen and Family+Paul; Celtic Young Player of the Year Award. Voted by Fans.15 goals and 11 assists. There were a good number of could-a-been assists, where the striker missed the goal space when he should have GOALED. Liel Abada started a 5 year contract 30 June 2021.
        Rangers in the last 20 minutes of the Celtic Park game, had more reserve energy than Celtic FC. I would like to know why the difference between sides?

    • David Tolmie says:

      Moffat,Vata. And other kids, should be promoted and Ramsey from Aberdeen Doig/Nisbet from Hibs should be recruited as back up for bolingoli and Ajeti leaving wouldn’t mind Lewis Ferguson too H H ktf

  • Johnny Green says:

    Tam McManus’s opinion is largely irrelevant at this stage of the season as it’s virtually all over by the shouting. So, who really cares what he thinks? I would rather look forward now to the Celtic squad for next season and see what Ange can do given a proper close season in which to operate this time around with no CL qualifiers to negotiate, while still trying to build a team and getting it bedded in.

  • Johnny Green says:

    MarkE. Players, believe it or not, have contracts that cannot easily be broken. If bids come in then they can be moved on. if not, we are stuck with them until their contracts expire. You cannot just…..let them go!

    • MarkE says:

      Yeah, by letting them go i mean try sell them.

      If we could move them on, it’d be a huge rebuilding job, meaning we’d likely need:

      1x GK
      2x Left Back’s
      1x Right Back
      3x Centre Back’s
      1x Defensive Midfielder
      3x Winger’s/Forwards
      2x Centre Forwards

      …13 out, 13 of a better quality in.

      We’d still have a solid foundation of:

      Kyogo, Giakoumakis, McGregor, Turnbull, Rogic, Maeda, Juranovic, Hart, Starfelt, Ideguchi, O’Riley, Abada, Hatate, plus a reserve of youth players.

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