Miller’s Idiotic Lisbon Lions Comments Got What They Deserved. Contempt And Laughter.

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Kenny Miller thinks that the Ibrox club winning the Europa League would put them in the same pantheon of greatness as the Lisbon Lions. This is such an idiotic comment that they only possible response to it was the one that it got from Chris Sutton and others.

How can someone this stupid have once played for us?

I have never been particularly bothered about Miller.

He doesn’t hate us, because he’s experienced playing in front of our fans.

We know where his allegiances lie and that’s not up for debate, but he gave us good service and was, in my view, treated appallingly during the period when Lawwell Snr was playing Football Manager with real players.

But amidst the euphoria over their European run (7 wins in 18 games) there is a lot of utter guff being talked by the commentariat and by those in the Ibrox orbit. That talk reached its zenith with the stone stupid remarks from Miller.

Let’s start with the obvious point; it’s a lesser tournament. The only way for them to scale the heights of the Lions is to win the trophy the Lions did. Period. The 2003 team of Seville knew that perfectly well. They were not going to eclipse the greatest Celtic side ever.

The Lisbon Lions did something incomparable.

The very fact that it was a home-grown team puts it out of reach of any club, anywhere, far into the foreseeable future. I hear a lot of revisionist bullshit about how Europe is a tougher environment now with Group Stages and super clubs and all that crap … Europe had super clubs then. Inter Milan was one of them.

And the Group Stage argument is so pitiful and laughable it’s not worth debating.

Celtic had a team the equal of any on the continent at that time.

There is no doubt about this. Shortly after beating Inter, we played the De Stefano testimonial; Madrid had been the super club before Inter, and wanted to stamp all over the upstart from Scotland.

They brought their full strength to bear in the game. We beat them.

Had there been Group Stage football we’d have navigated it and beaten whoever was put in our road.

I have never doubted it for one second. The Lions were no one-hit wonder. We reached another final just three years later; the idea that we were some flash-in-the-pan is nonsense that nobody genuinely believes.

Miller’s comments are indicative of the arrogance and hubris that has exploded all across La La Land since Thursday night, and there is more than week of it still to come.

For most of the time, we can leave them to their own little world … but this is a direct comparison between their team and the greatest team Scotland ever produced and it won’t do.

Miller’s view has been treated how it deserves … with contempt and derision.

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  • Jimmy R says:

    Newco have reached the final of the “also rans” league. Comparing it to being champions of Europe is ludicrous.

    • Damian says:

      And in the last two post-Christmas attempts in the ‘also rans’ league and the competition below that, Celtic have been dispatched easily by clubs with lesser resources.

      FFS. Best to just say nothing.

      • Martin says:

        Any Scottish club in a European final (even conference league) in the current environment is an achievement. We play too many domestic games, compounded by the break and split. We also have a poor reputation, which can affect how we spend the resources we do have.

        Sevco being in the final this season is an excellent achievement. Up there with Rangers 2008 and probably Seville 2003. I obviously want them to lose and, more importantly, my friends in Seville not to witness the carnage of the peepul but that doesn’t mean I’ll pretend it’s not a feat we would be delighted about were it us.

      • Jimmy R says:

        It is just acknowledging the status of the competition. Yes it would be nice to win it. I would love if we were in the final but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a tournament for the also rans. We also ran but didn’t get very far.

    • C Duffy says:

      I that’s why he is writing for the daily Hun

  • Martin says:

    Your point about the comparison is spot on. But Kenny Miller isn’t an idiot. He was a hard working footballer who gave his all for whichever club he played for and actually thought about how to support his family post football by investing in the property market. He doubtless knows he was saying something utterly untrue, but he also knows how the pundit and media gig in Scotland works. He’s making sure he gets future work.

    He’s wrong, but for the right reasons (for him).

  • Tom Foolery says:

    Kenny’s brain quite clearly took the full impact of Jozo’s superb ball winning tackle….poor Kenny.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Hoping rangers lose both finals and what would that make this season for them? Failure to win anything, will that see them again call for the manager’s head.

    A club that are used to buying success will lose more than half a team of first teamers for very little return in the coming season. Kingy looking for the power he craves, Big Mike looking for his dough. How deep are the director’s pockets.

    rangers a record breaking club by the number of shares it has administered.

  • Scud Missile says:

    This is the kind of talk you get from people who went to school by grey bus.

  • Mark B says:

    In eight years we won it , reached a final. Played in4 semis and 8 quarter finals. We lost to eventual winners in 1969 1970 1971. We lost a semi on penalties to Inter and one semi we we kicked out of by Atletico Madrid and they had I think four sent off. Sad thing is we didn’t just win it we should have won it two or three times. It was some team. At hone it won nine in a row … appeared in 15 League Cup Finals in a row and win two trebles including a quadruple/quintuple. It also won 6 Scottish Cups. Wow I was brought up on this team it was scintillating.

    • Jim says:

      I predicted this comment about The Lisbon Lions a couple of weeks ago……
      Here’s some more gems to look out for:-
      ” The only team in wurrld football ever to have more forward passes in a Final, than any other Club”
      ” The only team in wurrld football ever to win a final where each player was an average of 7lbs lighter than their opposite number”
      ” The only team in wurrld football ever to win a final, having been denied food and drink by the spaniards 24 hours prior to kick off”
      ……..and so on etc etc etc

  • Bob (original) says:

    That Kenny Miller… he’s a funny guy! 🙂

    Can’t be denied though, that a 10 years old club getting to ANY Euro final is quite impressive. We haven’t come anywhere close to matching that in the last 10 years.

    It’s good to see those attached to Ibrox seem to be assuming that they just have to turn up to beat Eintracht Frankfurt.

    However, IF they lose the EL final – and possibly the SC final – those same fans will be foaming at the mouth with rage – and looking for someone to blame.

    The new club still hasn’t won anything this season.

  • Martin H. says:

    I was only 16 when I went to Lisbon, to young to realise how good we were, but when I look back, Celtic were the best team on the planet at that time are the ibrox club now?

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