Sutton Comments Are Not Controversial. Our Rivals Are Back In Celtic’s Shadow.

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Chris Sutton is being accused of disrespect and arrogance and a bunch of other stuff by the whining and whingeing bubbling bitches of Ibrox social media tonight, and by some in the press, simply because he has stated a fact.

The Ibrox club is back in Celtic’s shadow. Their Scottish Cup triumph does not erase what happened at Parkhead and their European run didn’t impress Sutton at all. Even if it had, the league table does not lie. Celtic are the biggest team in the country.

Earlier in the campaign, it was Giakoumakis who was getting stick for speaking his mind. It seems that every ex-Ibrox player who wants to can come on and talk the biggest load of bollocks about our club and we’re all supposed to suffer that in silence … but when someone at Celtic, or connected to Celtic, does similar there is outrage.

These people need to learn that if you’re going to give it out that you have to take it as well, and some of them were openly mocking us when this season began. But nobody is laughing now. Nobody is mocking anymore.

Instead they are playing the pity card.

More and more they put that out of the deck whenever something happens that they don’t like. Warren Zevon could have written Poor Poor Pitiful Me explicitly for these yahoos. Their constant crying the blues is tiresome even if it is also quite funny.

When we were getting all that stick at the start of the season, did we wail about it? No, we said we’d prevail and that in the end we’d be the ones laughing. They can’t do that, and the reason they can’t is that deep down a lot of them recognise that big Chris has it right.

We have put them back in their box. Had they won their Europa League final they might have something to hold over it … but this is football, where the prize for second place is only there to reward showing up. We are the champions and as much as they might pretend that “almost, nearly” matters, it never has in football and it never will.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Thing is James, the getting to the EUROPA final and now Hearts losing the Scottish Cup means that Sevco are the most successful 10 year old club in the world.

  • Nick66 says:

    But the League don’t matter in la la land. It’s win one lose 3, (League cup, League and EUROPA), the Scottish Cup is all that matters. We are the has-beens.

  • John S says:

    Rain or shine, they always whine.

    Separately on the subject of Financial Fair Play (New Mbappe contract) here is La Liga twisting its knickers for poor Real Madrid:
    The statement reads: “LaLiga wishes to state that this type of agreement attacks the economic stability of European football, putting at risk hundreds of thousands of jobs and the integrity of the sport, not only in European competitions, but also in domestic leagues. “It is scandalous that a club like PSG, which last season reported losses of more than 220 million euros after accumulating losses of more than 700 million euros in prior seasons (while reporting sponsorship income at doubtful valuation), with a squad cost around 650 million for this season, can close such an agreement, while those clubs that could afford the hiring of the player without seeing their wage bill compromised, are left without being able to sign him. “LaLiga will file a complaint against PSG before UEFA, the French administrative and fiscal authorities and European Union authorities to continue to defend the economic ecosystem of European football and its sustainability.”

    • Bhoy4life says:

      Aye yer right…Real Madrid, the epitome of financial fair play…irony not their strong point.
      What amazes me tho is, teams like Real and PSG paying out 150m signing on fees and 50m a year wages to win a CL with a top prize no where near that…and thats just for one player.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Open season whenever they feel like it on our players and club by the likes of Boyd, Rae, McCoist, English and many more but by christ THEY don’t like it up them do they?
    Build a bridge or grow a spine.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Now might actually be a good time for GvB to do walking away?

    The expectations of the blue horde will be even more unrealistic after Seville.

    But, Sevco are still restricted – mostly – to loans and free transfers this summer.

    Yes, they might be able to sell their best players this summer – but how much actual cash will GvB be given to try to replace them?

    The bears will be demanding their second SPL title, and CL qualification as a minimum from GvB next season – regardless.

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