The BBC Documentary Was A Poor Effort, And They Still Owe Celtic Fans A Proper Show.

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So the BBC’s show from last night wasn’t terrible.

But it wasn’t really up to much either.

I wrote about this earlier, after a bunch of messages to me last night telling me how bad it was.

Yeah, it was pretty poor … but that’s more about the lack of ambition it showed than anything else, although there was definitely a bit of Ibrox feel-good injected into it.

A half-decent video editor could have done a more thorough job and given Celtic’s storming campaign a proper examination.

This felt like something stitched together in a hurry just to fill a Friday night slot.

It was not the pro-Ibrox ham job some suggested, but it wasn’t what Celtic fans deserved.

Entitled “How The League Was Won”, it was actually a pretty naff run through each month of the campaign.

It had about as much depth as a kid’s paddling pool.

I think the anger from those people who contacted me last night was because this was absolutely not what they expected; they thought it would be similar to the pro-Ibrox love-in which their fans got last season … it came nowhere near that.

It was an overview, not centred on Celtic at all.

There is a great documentary to be made about the season just passed, focussing on Ange, focussing on his signings, talking to Celtic people in the media and elsewhere … but that was not it last night.

It was a lazy production, in my view, and one that did veer into efforts to boost the morale of Ibrox with references to Europe and the Scottish Cup.

I mean where’s the need to show the Scottish Cup Final at all, far less in the segment near the end before the league decider?

Which got two seconds by the way.

Just think; if they’d missed out references to the Scottish Cup, the League Cup and Europe they might even have found time to talk properly about Giakoumakis, show the Hearts game which left us needing a point, discuss the skills and merits of Abada and Jota and praise our defence.

But yeah, there’s a certain element at the BBC which cannot help itself but to inject a little Ibrox joy into things, even when in terms of the league there was none to be had.

So it wasn’t a hatchet job.

It wasn’t pro anyone, although it did focus on stuff that has no bearing on the title race whatsoever.

But it wasn’t worth a second viewing.

It was a pretty sub-par BBC Scotland production.

I’d give it a solid C. For crap.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    I actually found it a bit boring at times, but as I attempted to say before, the BBC cannot mention our path to victory without mentioning THEM, perhaps not as often as they did but it didn’t annoy me to the point of anger, it was just okay. I enjoyed seeing our victories again and I enjoyed the anticipation of the ending that I knew was coming.

  • Seppington says:

    The huns working at the BBC, like all the rest of them, suffer from a massive case of Little Klub Syndrome and have to try and inject themselves into everything to make themselves feel relevant and important, instead of the shambolic 10-year-old baby klub we all know them to be.
    I’d feel pity for these mentally ill peepul if they weren’t, you know, huns.

  • John Joseph Steele says:

    BBCs How The League Was Won Was A Disgrace Focused To much On Them Than The Champions Celtic FC Where Was The Hearts Game That Showed Us We Needed One Point At Tannadice And Why Put The League Cup Scottish Cup And Europa League In There It Thad Nothing To Do With It Sorry For The Losses This Year But Again Still Should Not Have Been In There It’s A Disgrace Very Angry ???

  • Johnny Green says:

    You may well be correct Seppington regarding the reasons for the Sevco over exposure, but what a waste of time then by the BBC because absolutely none of them would have actually been watching it.

    • Seppington says:

      You could never accuse huns of having common sense, so I’d say it fits their m.o. perfectly!

  • SSMPM says:

    Sad little BBC embarrassed themselves again. Always the undercurrent of the lodge’s representatives, loyalism to a German monarchy and red hand of another country. England’s and unionism’s finest supporters, Scotland’s shame. What a country

  • harold shand says:

    They never even mentioned Celtic going on an unbeaten run of 31 games

  • Andrew cook says:

    Agree total crap british masonic bbc shame on them

    • Wullie Glen says:

      You’re right why did they show the Scottish Cup final it was how the league was won but I expected that, the BBC are so pro celtic I they are just like them across the city scum! Oh well we are going to the champions league, rock on CELTIC

  • harold shand says:

    *32 game unbeaten run

  • John says:

    Totally agree with you James that this was a very lazy production. How you can make a programme about winning the league and not even mention 32 unbeaten run or the Hearts game. For me the day we beat the wee h*ns was the day we won the league and sweet it was too. Just what you would expect from BBC Scotland.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    St johnstone scottish cup and league cup champions .

  • Michael says:

    Typical blue noses (twats)

  • Michael says:

    They find it very hard to give credit where credit is due.
    Nuggets,the lot of them.
    Out of 4 seasons they won 2 cups out of 12 cups available
    The last cup they won was as if they won the world cup,it makes me laugh every time, they’re that thick they still think that club is still Glasgow rangers and nothing has changed.
    Glasgow rangers (DIED IN 2012) there all thick twats especially the biggest twat of them all (CHRIS THE TWAT BOYD)
    Soo much for his (SUPER STAR ARON RAMSEY)
    An old (HAZ–BEAN) like Boyd the twat.
    BOYD is the sort of guy you would not of got sick of punching in school!!!!
    All inbreds the lot of them.

  • Starman says:

    Never mind they’ll be able tae show Dad’s Army nxt Season wae the amount ae Pensioners they’re resigning lol! Sum Hun Bastard sade tae me the other day they’d made £40M fae the Europa run, away u go ya Fukin CLOWN I said, be lucky if it’s 10! Still showing losses of £30M which may go doon a bit but these SCUM BASTARDS will NEVER be SOLVENT BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!


    Not worth a carrot. Total disgrace from a poor channel

  • Noodles says:

    Did you expect anything better…..yeah your right enough….

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