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The Press Claims “No Need For Ibrox To Sell” Even As They Try To Punt Their Players.

Image for The Press Claims “No Need For Ibrox To Sell” Even As They Try To Punt Their Players.

The newswires buzz today with stories of Hagi being the subject of a bid.

There are two separate figures doing the rounds. £6 million and £7 million. Galatasaray are the club alleged to have done this, although there’s no evidence that they did.

The papers report that Roma are also interested; it’s a clear attempt to start a bidding war.

We all know, of course, that Bassey hasn’t been out of the news since their team came back from Seville. They know that this is the optimal time for getting shot of him. Hagi is on a long term deal.

This is the optimal time for getting shot of him too.

I love it when our media act as sales agents from Ibrox, all the while telling us that there club is in rude financial health and does not need to sell.

How did they know this?

They know it because it’s what Ibrox tells them, but they shouldn’t believe a word of it.

Their club lost £23 million last year, and that money had to have been obtained somewhere; how much of the money from this season paid that bill? How much of their income this year paid off Ashley?

Do they look like a club that has “no need to sell?”

They are tying up over 30’s on one year deals! They have offered contract extensions to McGregor, Davis and Balogun. This is not a club that is planning on spending big money to replace people.

Instead they are working hard to promote those players whom they think they can still get decent fees for.

You’ll have noticed that none of these stories are about Morelos or Aribo or Kent although they are the guys who are going into their final year. I don’t think they have much faith in getting good money for those guys anymore.

It must be nice when the media is fully on board in helping you out of a hole, even as they deny that any such hole exists. The strategy is so transparent … they’ve been trying to sell Ibrox’s best players for the last couple of years.

And so far they’ve got a good fee for one … Patterson.

And what they got for him was nowhere near what they claimed, although the press backed them up on it.

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  • Ed says:

    Don’t forget, Galatasaray can’t spend much money, because they are in trouble with FFP.
    And they are selling. So no way Gala are spending 6 or 7 million on a bit par player.

  • harold shand says:

    The obedient hacks have all been told .

    ‘ Get busy hawking our players and hurry up about it

    Just put it out there we’re getting more money than that mob got for the boy who went to Arsenal and the fans will lap it up quicker than bog water in Seville ‘

  • Jack says:

    Sevco are screwed no matter what they do. All the players they have now have proved that they are only good enough to win the Scottish Cup and they were extremely lucky to get past Celtic in the semi final. No ifs or buts, that’s the bottom line, that’s all they won. Not slagging the big guy, but Carter Vickers should have buried them at 1-0 and they were also allowed to kick the shit out of us in that game otherwise they would not have even won that. If they sell their so called “prized assets” they will get weaker still and the money they get will not be enough to strengthen their squad. Celtic can cash in on this big style and I’m looking forward to watching it unfold.

  • Bob says:

    The inflated transfer values wouldn’t have anything to do writing up the asset value for the books so that that The Rangers stay within FFP guidelines, would they?

    Just asking, like.


      There comes a point when the external auditors won’t play ball.
      It’s their Professional reputation that is on the line should things go ‘tits up’ at
      the ‘DebtDome’.
      Every year since 2012 their accounts have carried ‘ going concern’ flags by the auditors. The debts have been converted to shares or paid off by unknown ‘ sources’.
      There are people / organisations, legit or otherwise, who have been prepared to bankroll the‘ Staunch defenders of Loyalism and Unionism’ in an increasingly pro Independence Scotland. They’ve got deep pockets.
      The Ipox directors know that their player valuations are fanciful at least. They are hoping against hope that it pays off at least once.
      The inflated player valuations however serve a more devious function in that as an asset they offset some of the business liabilities, in this case the shares in the business. Each Share issue at the nominal value set by the Klub has inflated the Capital value of the business.
      The Board have to, on paper at least, show that the (inflated) value of it’s assets is enough to meet the (inflated) value of it’s liabilities. Shares in the Company are liabilities to the Company. Otherwise the business would be technically insolvent.
      Couldn’t have that now could we.

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