Yesterday, The Celtic Boss Was Asked The Most Insulting Question Yet By The Hacks.

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Imagine Ange Postecoglou having to sit there yesterday and answer the appalling question that was asked of him at the presser; does the Ibrox side reaching the Europa League Final take some of the shine off of his own magnificent accomplishments?

It is a disgraceful thing for him to be asked to comment on. Nobody would ever have asked Walter Smith that question back when we reached the final in 2012. Nobody would have dared, in part because the Ibrox PR department would have stamped all over the guy and his paper, and because Smith would have treated that question with contempt.

That the media thinks Ange should be required to respond to that query shows that they have a certain amount of contempt for him still, and that is shameful.

“You know, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it,” he replied. “To win a title you have to be better than every club in this country. That is who ends up being champions. So that is what we are going to try and do. (Their) European success has been well-deserved. They’ve had a great run and are a very good side. They were champions last year, and undefeated for that year. They have done well in all the competitions this year … I don’t think that detracts from our achievements – if anything it adds to our achievements if we can become champions. Because I don’t think anyone could deny we have had to beat some pretty strong opposition.”

Some Celtic fans have asked me if I don’t think the Ibrox club’s European run enhances what we have achieved, and I’ve been pretty clear in answering with a no. I still believe what they’ve done is the equivalent of a minor club getting to the Scottish Cup final; sometimes it happens, and it depends to a large degree on the luck of the draw.

So I don’t think it affects us one way or another; it absolutely takes nothing whatsoever away from our own progress. Ange is right about the one thing that matters; we have been better than every other club in this country over the course of this title campaign, better than the club who the media will try to write up as a greater success story.

Let them do what they want. They will anyway. They were never going to give us full credit for this title, no matter what the Ibrox club did or didn’t do. The narrative has been pushed for months that this year the league table hasn’t accurately reflected the facts … I am tired of it and the big guy must be tired of it, but he still does what he has to do.

That he decided to answer such a disrespectful question in a magnanimous and respectful manner shows them up for the small minded, chickenshit cretins that they are.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    They have won nothing yet, let that sink in. Two cup final defeats would see their fickle fans turn on them once again and put an end to all the suggestions and negative agendas from the media, I for one am looking forward to exactly that outcome, it will be the icing on the cake. Ice cream and jelly anyone?

    • Damian says:

      They’re up against the 11th best team in Germany, in a one-off game. They’ve beaten the fifth and second best teams in German over two legs. You’d be daft to bet against them.

  • Martin says:

    Am I missing something? This is the 2nd article where you claim we got to the Europa final in 2012. Have I arrived from a parallel universe?

  • Leon Bhoy says:

    The point is the Scottish media wouldn’t have disrespected Alex McLeish in 2003 with those silly questions.
    Our minds start playing tricks on us all James,the older we get.
    Keep up the good work.?

  • Brian says:

    Please try to get your facts I.e. dates correct. They never made a final in Europe in 2012. It was 2008.

    • Damian says:

      In that case, the analogy in the article doesn’t work.

      In 2008, Smith reached a European final. So he’s not equivalent to Ange at the moment. So that the media would apparently not have asked him what Ange was asked is meaningless.

      If it was meant to be that the media would never have asked that question of McLeish in 2003, that strikes me as dubious. McLeish was certainly given plenty of opportunities to publicly praise O’Neil, and he certainly did so.

  • Dominic Sharkey says:

    Well said!

  • Tam says:

    The point is the SMSM should ask questions about the up coming game in this case “the league” and the ramifications the result will have on the “league”.

    Then if they wish to ask a question about ANYTHING else and make it clear the question is totally unrelated to the upcoming game “league” so be it . I wonder if this behavior by journalists happens in any other country in the world

  • SSMPM says:

    Ban them from Paradise allowing them to reflect on their undercurrent of ongoing idiocy. Explain clearly the consequences are as a result of their behaviour. Let them back in after a while and if they start where they left off then just ban them forever or until decent objective journalism returns, so aye forever.
    Its only a mistake if you don’t keep doing it but when its clearly pointed out to you that its not acceptable in our house but they continue then its deliberate. We know it is anyway but lay down the rules clearly to them and follow up with the naughty step consequences. We don’t need these trash journalists anywhere near us so no loss whatsoever. The other consequence is they eventually piss Ange off so much that he decides he’s had enough of this shitty country and we will be responsible for losing a great manager and the players that leave with him. Its time for our club to stand up on so many issues, reporting and governance of the game is a start but surely that time is now.

  • harold shand says:

    Raging huns trying to make out winning the title in your first season during a rebuild when they never gave us a hope in hell chance of winning ain’t so good because they’re in a final they have every chance of winning or losing

    Don’t buy it , they are f*cking spewing

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    We will never get recognition from the MSM as they pander to the club from Ibrokes it won’t change so why bother? All we can do is try to stay ahead of them both on and off the pitch. Our board needs to see this as a wake-up call because whether we like it or not if they win EL it cant and shouldn’t be denied it is a fair achievement from a limited team that will have the funds to attract a better quality of player which will make continued success for us all the more difficult,so its time for our board to realise this.

  • Hans says:

    Well said. The question was ridiculous, provocative even.

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