Come On Leipzig, Finish Them.

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In recent years the Ibrox PR machine has set about creating a siege mentality within that club, tacitly perpetuating the myth that they are victims of a sectarian conspiracy that pervades the halls of political power, the media and the corridors of the Scottish football authorities.

In other words, “the establishment”.

Now, in reality anyone with even the loosest understanding of history and Scottish society knows that an Ibrox club has always been the establishment club and their claim of victimhood and the threat to their ‘culture’ is complete cobblers.

No different to the bleating of white nationalists in every country from America to Northern Ireland to England. Anglo-Saxon protestants who’ve enjoyed the tyranny of the majority for centuries but now find themselves part of a shrinking demographic as immigrant communities they’re used to victimising and discriminating against change the landscape as they establish themselves and achieve political power and as people in general become more liberal and no longer willing to tolerate their sectarianism, xenophobia and far right hatred.

In 2012 when Rangers died and the new club was born there was an opportunity for the people in charge of the club to leave all the old baggage in the coffin of the old club.

They were happy enough to leave all the debt and financial impropriety there, and here was a chance to lay new foundations and set out their stall as a forward looking club freed from the shackles of their history of discriminatory signing policies and the weekly wading in the blood of fenians.

It may have taken time to convince the natives but with a few simple policies they could have embraced a whole new culture that perhaps, over time, would have saw the bigots become dinosaurs and at the very least they could have made sure the stadium was free of songs mocking genocide and glorifying violence against Catholics.

But no, they chose to double down on the victimhood myth, refusing to acknowledge the sins of the old club and bringing the threat of violence to everyone from journalists to politicians by throwing conspiratorial victimhood red meat to the base of their lunatic fringe.

They turned a blind eye as their brown shirts and trolls went after all their perceived enemies.

Charles Green sussed out right away that the blind hatred and resentment they felt about the death of the club was lucrative and played up to it by whipping them up with the claim that anti-Rangers sectarianism was the cause of all their troubles, then sat back and watched the blue pounds flow into his famous “big Yorkshire hands.”

There was a problem though; Celtics dominance, our march to nine titles and quadruple trebles, our constant trouncing of them and lording it over them in their own midden didn’t compute with their ideas of cultural/ethnic supremacy.

Their superiority complex was turning into an inferiority complex, the result of which appeared to be a deepening of the paranoia that infected their club and their lunatic fringe and morphed into them participating in openly fascist displays, driven by the belief that for the tarriers to be all dominant there must be a conspiracy present which amounted to an attack on this famous culture of theirs.

We watched as their ‘ultras’ descended on George Square in their jack-boots in a violent counter protest to BLM’s demand for racial equality.

We looked on in amazement as the club recruited an Orange Order grandmaster to act as their head of PR when Jim Traynor was deemed not to be quite batshit enough.

Every year their travelling support brings shame to the country as they brought violence and thuggery to European cities from Manchester to Macedonia.

When the people who run Celtic took their eye of the ball and they won their first title we watched in amazement as they ‘celebrated’ by turning the city centre into a violent war zone turning on each other in an orgy of wanton destruction and we listen every week as they make a mockery of the trauma of abused children by using their pain as a means to convince themselves of their own superiority.

Their latest outrage is because fans of other Scottish teams refuse to support them against Leipzig in the Europa league semi-final this evening.

More proof in their eyes that the world is against them and fuel for the pathetic subservient media to accuse everyone but the real perpetrators of sectarian tribalism.

So let’s be clear, I hope they get destroyed, humiliated, trounced and bounced right out the competition.

Forget the ‘co-efficient’, the idea of seeing them invade the beautiful city of Seville in the way they’ve invaded so many other cities makes me sick in my throat.

Of course as a Celtic fan I don’t want them to win anything but the way that club have taken full advantage of the hatred and implicit threat of violence that oozes out their lunatic fringe reminds me of the way fascist governments operate.

They are a club steeped in everything I abhor and they had the cheek, at the weekend, to declare that calling them out makes our fans guilty of “hate crimes.”

Well, they can call this tribalism, they can even call it sectarianism if it makes them feel even a wee bit better, but I just want to see them get done over everyway but which.

So tonight – and I don’t believe I’ll be alone here – whilst their media pals cheer them on, whilst their rabid supporters try to convince themselves that their new club has scaled the heights of Europe, this Scot, this patriot, this fenian will be rooting for the Germans.

C’mon Leipzig, finish them!

Drago67 is a Celtic fan, film buff … and for tonight, an RB Leipzig supporter and proud of it.

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