Ibrox’s Latest Nonsensical Price Tag Simply Sets Their Fans Up For Disappointment.

Image for Ibrox’s Latest Nonsensical Price Tag Simply Sets Their Fans Up For Disappointment.

The papers are filling up today with the latest dreck.

This time it’s not Kent or Morelos or Aribo, three players soon to be out of contract and thus worth less than they already were, which is far less than all the media build-up about them …. this time the propaganda machine is focussed on Calvin Bassey who, after one good season, is getting hyped to the max.

Hysteria is the order of the day, with clowns like Nicholas suggesting that they should be looking for Kieran Tierney style money for him. That’s barmy, but it’s actually pretty reflective of some of the other nonsense that is in the media at the moment.

The thing that all the people making this case have in common is that nobody has ever trusted them with a budget.

Few of them have ever been managers.

Of those who have spent time in a dugout, none has ever been at a club where the spending of that sort of money is even a remote possibility, and so we should put as much store in their opinions on this as we would Kris Boyd’s views on particle physics.

Bassey is not remotely worth the £25 million Nicholas seems to believe.

The kind of people who are allowed to make a judgement call like that would never sanction that sort of deal in a million years. The supposition is that Gerrard will want him; based on what, I don’t know.

But people do believe it. Yet even if it were true, the implication that will pay Ibrox whatever it wants to secure his signature is ridiculous if we’re being generous.

Gerrard has his own bosses to answer to.

His budget for the coming campaign will not be limited when compared to ours or the one across the city, but in comparison to other teams in that league he might as well be rooting around in the bargain bin.

There is no chance whatsoever of him taking a punt that large on anything but a proven talent. He will not do so on some one season wonder. Nobody else with any sense of responsibility would do it either.

As incredible as it might seem when you consider the prices down there, there are far better players out there in his position available for far less. All across Europe there are talents who are capable of blossoming into top class footballers … we’ve signed a few of them down through the years, with Van Dijk certainly the worthiest amongst them.

We paid £6 million for him. Even when he transferred to England a couple of years later, he went for E13 million … not the sky-high numbers the media is talking about here. Furthermore, he arrived at Celtic on the back of over 60 games in Holland’s top flight.

Kieran Tierney left Celtic after 170 games, of which more than 40 were in Europe. He was a full international, and the scouts from England had been sniffing around him for a long time before he departed Scotland. The interest in him was not theoretical; it was real, and it was no surprise that he went to a giant club and not a mid-table EPL side.

There is no comparison between Tierney and Bassey.

Even now, Tierney is only 24 years old.

Bassey is only two years younger, so where’s he been all this time?

He played 11 games for Leicester, and they let him leave on a free. He 76 career appearances in total.

This is his first full season of football, and you might say it’s been impressive … but not that impressive when you consider that Kieran had an armful of honours and awards when he left Celtic Park.

Being in the Europa League Squad of the Tournament is being touted as some proof that he is destined for great things; Tavernier and Kent were in that same team and we all know that the idea that either of them is an elite footballer is ridiculous.

I had a good look at some of the Teams of The Tournament from previous years and you know what I found? Players who were not already in a top five league are invariably still at the clubs they were at.

Most notable, from last year’s team, are Dominik Livakovi? and Mislav Orši?, who were Dinamo Zagreb when they made the squad for last season’s tournament. Guess what? Both of them are still at Zagreb. Lukáš Provod of Sparta Prague made last year’s squad too … he remains a player at that club, playing in the Czech league.

Top clubs were not beating a path to the doors of these footballers.

Almost half of last season’s team of the tournament play their football at Villarreal, who are one of the miracle teams of the last 24 months. Not only did they win last season’s Europa League but they then got all the way to the Champions League semis.

You would have thought that winning a European trophy would have seen the bulk of their squad depart for bigger things, comparatively speaking; not one of their Team of the Year players did so.

I guarantee that they will now, with their Champions League exploits adding to their value and profile.

Bassey is not going to leave Ibrox for £25 million or anything remotely near that.

All the Ibrox PR machine is doing is setting the fans up for another big disappointment, and greater disillusionment.

That club has no sense of proportion or realism, and part of the reason why is that they are surrounded by people who talk this kind of nonsense, and they swallow it all.

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  • Stewart says:

    Having only seen him once,, in semi way us, he seems more suited too rugby league,,,I don’t see footballer there,,as for £25 Mill,, no way, besides they don’t need to sel now,, as they’re lackies in the press inform us they’ve just made £40 Mill in Europe this year,,, storm ahead I think,,

  • Mark B says:

    They may not get 25m but he is a machine I would love him in our team. His run won them the semi final against us. We still need a CH, LB and DM as well as Jota and CCV.

  • Ed says:

    If Bassey is worth 25 million, Welsh is worth double.
    In Scotland they may not give a foul for bearhugging opponents. But everywhere else they do. How many times I see him do that. Bearhugging GG versus us. Bearhugging Porteous vs Hibs. These are all fouls.
    There is a talent in there. But not for 25 million and not for the EPL. Championship if he is lucky.
    Rangers will be lucky if they get 5 mil for him.

    • Starman says:

      She duz a SMASHING Version ae Goldfinger or is it Lying is Forever BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • harold shand says:

    Media here will do anything but talk about us being champions

    They’re even making up ways of how to call them champions

    ‘ Scottish Cup Champions ‘

    Few good games and hyperbole starts ffs remember how they were talking about Kamara

    Always £25M , every time , always trying top Tierney transfer

  • Henry says:

    Personally I think he is quite good, good crosser of the ball and quick. But there is a discount applied to any player coming from Scotland and big teams will want evidence based on more than one season.

    £6-8 million tops, but probably £4 or £5 million if a team is willing to take a chance

  • Bob (original) says:

    The bottom line is that sevco is a selling club.

    Despite the talk up / exaggeration of money made this season by the SMSM,

    Ibrox will sell any player for any decent bid.

    They might get a few quid for Bassey and others, but their problem remains:

    how does sevco replace its best players with mostly loanees and free transfers?

    And with £100M+ accumulated losses, GvB will have to sell before he can buy.

  • james archibald says:

    when i saw the headline in the herald on sunday multimillion £bids for bassey i thought aye right here we go good against hearts ???

  • Jim says:

    Take away his ability to foul and you have a very ordinary player.

    Everybody knows they need to sell, so nobody is going to shell out top dollar for a rugby player who won’t have a twelfth man giving him a pass on every foul once he leaves Scotland.

    Sevco will be lucky if they can punt him at all, as they believe their own guff too much. The reason they still have Morelos on the books.

  • Starman says:

    25 Gazillion Yen.. Yup BAWAHAHAHAHAHA! The Knuckodraggaz believe any PISH that comes fae they Lying Bastards & why u ask yirsel? Bcoz they’re aw Fukin BRAIN DEED & THIK AS SHIT!!

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    So Rodgers let him go on a free now we are being told his team and aston villa are bidding to buy him for £25 MILLION GOD THE BLUE MEDIA WRITE SOME BULLS#it in Scotland boy they are hurting bad plus they have made £40 million from the 2nd rate europa nearly or more than the champions leaue .

  • Paul Mac says:

    “We paid £6 million for him. Even when he transferred to England a couple of years later, he went for E13 million”
    Never Never would we at that time have paid anything close to 6 million for a player … 2.75 was the fee paid to the dutch team.
    About Bassey, during the match v Braga, I was listening to the radio over here and they were bigging him up something chronic, saying that one of the big teams over here if they were looking for a left back could do worse than making an enquiry… but never in a million years would they think of anything close to 25 million!
    Benfica were sniffing around the Argentinian left back that we were also rumoured to be after, they have now signed Ristic (serbian left back) on a free from Montpelier to give competition to want away spaniard Alex Grimaldo.

  • Paul says:

    We never paid anything like £6m for VVD, it wasn’t even half of that. Bassey looks a good player but, as others have said and as you have too, one season in the SPFL (losing) and UEFA (losing finalist) isn’t going to get that kind of money flung at him.

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