Another Ibrox PR Disaster As They Suspend Season Ticket Sales For The Queen.

Image for Another Ibrox PR Disaster As They Suspend Season Ticket Sales For The Queen.

The Ibrox PR department is incredible, folks.

They have once again managed to heap a large helping of embarrassment onto their own fans with a quite ridiculous announcement today; they are extending the season ticket renewal deadline because of the Queen’s Jubilee.

You could not make that up, but in case anyone thinks I am here’s the tweet.

They are a parody of a football club, they really are.

Who is an announcement like that for? Which tiny strand of their support actually sees that and thinks “I am proud of the club for this”?

Who does it appease? What do they hope to gain?

It is not a controversial decision or one that shows them necessarily in a bad light … but it’s forelock tugging subservient guff which doesn’t belong in the modern world.

Just last week this club was trying to sell itself to the rest of football as a European finalist and one looking to the future. In the aftermath of their defeat they are reverting back to this, to backward facing, insular nonsense, playing the Queen and Country card.

It makes you wonder just how stupid the Peepul in charge over there are.

The whole club is anachronistic.

At a time when most people are moving away from these kind of pitiful sentiments their club embraces it ever tighter.

And yes, some of their fans are embarrassed by this, and they should be.

The DUP PR man really does work hard to earn his wages. Unfortunately, almost everything that comes out of their media department is as batshit bonkers as this.

What a club that is. What a club it tries to be.

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  • Justshatered says:

    They’re postponing it to the 6th of June ?
    Such disrespect to the armed forces that they also love so much. After all that’s the anniversary of the D-Day landings.

  • Bharney says:

    Delayed until 6th June, don’t they realise that’s the anniversary of D-day, surely they can’t be so disrespectful, obviously going to be postponed until the following week!!

  • Stephen Smyth says:

    I think you are being a bit hard on sevco here James
    They need this type of fawning subservance to prove their
    How else would the rest of the civilised world know how STAUNCH they are if they didn’t remind them of how utterly STAUNCHLY they feel about her maj
    Ok one could show one’s STAUCHABILTY in a visual way on one’s yearly tangerine walk but that won,t keep the rest of society focused on
    T STAUNCHOMETER throughout the year
    When all is said and done sevco is so STAUNCH they even pay her maj her taxes unlike the old occasionally
    STAUCH club

  • Dinger says:

    Maybe you should give the Queen her taxes out of the season ticket money

  • Robert Baker says:

    Her majesty would be delighted if yous paid her in full what yous stole from her

  • Chris says:

    Fair play to sevco.
    Looks like they have no hard feelings toward auld lizzie for killing their old club.

  • Wee Jimmy says:

    If they’re still the same club, then the amounts are still outstanding, pay up or die again

  • Pan says:

    The real reason for the extension is because the toilet-water drinkers are not buying their season tickets in real numbers at all. It’s got nothing to do with her.
    Shanks FC are just pulling the wool over the zombies’ eyes. Easily conned.
    Deludamol sales are still rocketing.

  • Seppington says:

    “… which doesn’t belong in the modern world.”

    Sevco in a nutshell.

  • Joe Kelly says:

    Might have got away with it if the closing date was the twelfth of July!!

  • ANDY MULLEN says:

    I think the Queen would be more interested if the sevco agreed to pay their taxes first

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