Vile Ibrox Fans And A Bizarre Stunt To Turn Their European Final Into Another Arena For Their Hate.

Image for Vile Ibrox Fans And A Bizarre Stunt To Turn Their European Final Into Another Arena For Their Hate.

You think you’ve seen it all with these dregs of the gutter and then you see something like.

There is a website offering souvenir jerseys for sale with a shit pun about a paedophile on them.

If that leaves you thunderstruck you aren’t the only one.

We all know what that is; a dark, inside joke which only their own gutter element can understand.

I’ll tell you what, though; anyone who buys one of those is going to get a lot of questions, and eat a lot of shit, from his or her fellow Ibrox fans because that is crass, tasteless, vulgar and despicable even by their own depraved standards.

It’s not a great advert for their IQ’s either.

Because who, after all, but the wearer is going to look like shit?

It’s the wearer who’ll be walking around with a mis-spellled version of that man’s name on the front of their top, and there will nary be a mention of other events or other clubs to provide context.

They think they are so smart, these muppets, but therein lies the proof of how utterly stupid they actually are.

Their only defence for that is that it’s a spelling mistake … can you imagine the utter embarrassment either way?

And yet it’s not a spelling mistake … that’s an actual “thing” on some of their forums and social media profiles … a lot of them are actually calling this “Saville 22” … this is real, some of them really are framing the biggest game in their history through this lens.

They defy belief.

If these people didn’t exist we would have to invent them, but why in God’s name would we want to?

It is hard to imagine who in their right mind would buy that.

It’s hard to imagine who in their right mind would wear it.

But someone obviously believes that there’s a market for this, and knowing the Peepul as we do – low IQ’s and sky high hate – they probably do have a point, but even if the joke wasn’t so obscure as to be virtually indecipherable to anybody who doesn’t have a grasp on what it’s supposed to represent.

It’s a crap pun and an idiotic idea above and beyond being plain evil.

It is amazing to me that there are Peepul in that fan-base who see the final as a perfect showcase for their dark obsession and their limitless spite. It is amazing to me that there are people who are just stupid enough and bile soaked enough to actually buy that and wear it on the trip … in any other support people like these would be outriders even amongst the true fringe element.

For all that, I believe that plenty of these Peepul will be in Seville.

God help that city and everyone who lives in it.

The Goon Squad is coming to town, bringing all their baggage, bite, spite and hatred with them.

It will be a shit-show.

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  • Thomas Cochrane says:

    There is no limit to these cretins bile and bigotry it doesn’t surprise me in the least. I was waiting for something to emerge but this, this is absolutely deplorable, some try (even on Celtic sites)to say that’s it’s a minority, but I beg to differ the whole fan base and their masonic media fan boys are thoroughly deranged

  • Stevie c says:

    There will be a few of them wearing that , make no mistake, the depths to which they’ll go is beyond belief. The good people of Seville had better lock up their daughters, batten down the hatches, board everything up and pray like they’ve never prayed before .

  • Chris says:

    There is no depraved depths that the Neely Dunns won’t steep to.

    • Dora says:

      Well said Chris.
      That rotten klub losing the league to the mighty Glasgow Celtic who have a far superior goal difference must hurt the huns so, to be expected from that rancid support.
      Still cast my mind back to when the billy hilly away support were blasting out ‘champions again’ at Aberdeen so this is without doubt the sweetest league title ever—
      Lurking hunnies…GiRFUY!!
      I’m sure there’s still a few sado’s checking out the Champs

  • Tezben says:

    The sevvies are a weird bunch. They sing songs about their queen but steal 180 million from her. They wear England shirts but trash manchester. At least George square will be saved this year.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    140 years of history ended leaving behind a shameful mountain of debt including the nhs denied vital funds while players somehow getting paid fortunes. Scotlands media shame dare not tell the truth of what they printed and reported on tv and radio when rangers fc went bust in 2012.

  • Jas says:

    Isn’t it a typical Hun misprint and should say Seville 2022 and not anything to do with that paedo? But because you’ve flagged THAT up, they may well pick it up and run with it!

  • Eamonn Little says:

    Perfect storm,sun,booze,Catholic country,entitled hateful,bigoted,fans.What could possibly go wrong.

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