Allowing Ibrox Free Reign Has Brought Our Game To The Brink Of Disaster.

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Like Boris Johnson in the wake of last night’s double by-election disaster for the Tories, Neil Doncaster is technically still in office this morning and vowing to carry on.

But the storm clouds are gathering. It is not impossible that he will face a confidence vote.

The club calling for that vote will be the one from Ibrox.

That’s the only reason I think Doncaster might win it.

But he shouldn’t.

It no longer matters who moves the motion – since Celtic is clearly intent on propping this clown up – only what the results of it are. He will probably survive, but even if he falls this time, it’s ten years too late.

Doncaster should have been told that the gig was up a decade ago, in the wake of his scandalous conduct during the Rangers crisis.

If people think his lack of oversight, or basic stupidity, has endangered the present commercial standing of the SPFL then they are late to the party because his very presence has been a threat to it since he and Stewart Regan basically branded the game in Scotland all but worthless back in 2012.

Not since Gerald Ratner called his own jewellery third-rate junk has a CEO so demonstrably harmed the product he was supposed to be in charge of selling.

No modern chief executive should have come through that period with his job, and in particular not when a club chairman had stood on the steps of Hampden and called his behaviour corrupt.

This latest crisis is entirely down to weak leadership from Doncaster and others.

Yes, I blame Ibrox for sparking it in the first place, but they are only doing what they are programmed to do; this is the frog and the scorpion story all over.

This site has been consistent in pointing out that the kid-gloves treatment does not placate Ibrox or bring them onside. They are a rouge club, doing whatever they please, pursuing vendettas and nursing victimhood and grievance.

They cannot be bargained with or reasoned with and if you try to appease them that only leads to further misbehaviour.

Their club is not in the least bit concerned with the greater good of the game, and the league body has allowed them to believe that they are special and not subject to the same rules as others.

Clubs have realised this, finally … but nothing will change as long as Doncaster remains in post.

He is weak and incompetent. He is a joke this game has tolerated for too long.

I cannot imagine any scenario where Doncaster is ousted where we wind up with someone worse unless Ibrox is allowed to appoint its own CEO to the post.

And surely Scottish football isn’t that daft? Is it?

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

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  • BhilltheTim says:

    Ibrox calling for a ‘no confidence’ vote on Doncaster?

    Definitely a case of “Be careful what you wish for; you may get it!”

    Assuming, as you say, that his replacement couldn’t be any worse (could he??).

  • Boardindundee says:

    “Truly have the sages said that to cherish a base character is to give one’s honor to the wind, and to involve one’s own self in embarrassment.”

  • Seppington says:

    His replacement will receive the same death threats and nothing will change…

    • Charlie Green says:

      Nailed it. It’s what all the armchair warriors forget when judging this guy.

      Neil Doncaster: different club

      …death threats…

      Neil Doncaster: same club.

      • watsamatabooboo says:

        Doncaster & Regan were the architects of the ‘same club’ pretence mate, he’s the last person who would ever claim they weren’t

        Bizarrely though, even though he enabled them to ‘go for 55’ and be ‘150’ years old, the huns hate that he’s not ‘one of their stooges and want him replaced by someone who is, claims about death threats is frankly bollocks.

  • jimmyw167 says:

    They’re not just having a go at Doncaster it’s Peter Lawwell too, god knows what has been going on behind the scenes but, the change over there since Lawwell stepped down has been more than just noticeable, they have got PL & ND by the knacks and now they are panicking, they need PL to hide stuff, this is them warning of a revelation, the 5way agreement is a noose around their necks, sevco included, thus they’re threatening to hang themselves. That clumpany is in deep, deep doodoo, not just debts but some dubious people, hey theres a DUP man keeping an eye on the laundry don’t you know.

  • SSMPM says:

    Going for Doncaster is one valid action that could be taken but is there not an element of diversion here and of following the separatists destructive actions that’s leading us over a cliff. By god they’d love to see us, all of us fall.
    This league is being held to ransom by cheats, liars and the threating behaviour of their brotherhood. Yes Doncaster has buckled time and time again in some weird acts of appeasement to the club across the city but he’s not the only one, eg Maxwell. They’re determined to get into, replace and gain leadership of the governing bodies and hurt our clubs because we didn’t let them get away with cheating.
    If we want to repair and move on then surely the clubs should be looking at having a vote of no confidence in the rangers, given their separatists destructive behaviour. Don’t go putting on plasters when the cancer needs cutting out at source.

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