Backroom Changes Show That Ange’s Celtic Revolution Is Not Only Skin Deep.

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Just the other day, I posed a question about whether Ange’s Celtic revolution was going to stop with players. It clearly is not.

The backroom team for the next campaign is being assembled behind the scenes and we’re now starting to see the full range of the manager’s intentions for the club. Everything he has said and done points towards a long term plan.

Having already hired a bunch of people behind the scenes, and on the quiet, we’re now openly advertising for a First Team Analyst, confirming what Ange said to this site on his opening press conference with fan media; he values this stuff as an essential tool in his box of tricks.

We will see the results of that in the next campaign.

So far since the league was as good as one, we’ve started to rebuild the medical team and the scouting department. Now we’re doing match analytics. This is all good news, this is the kind of thing a lot of us wanted to see as the club progressed.

The general complaint we had about Lennon was that Rodgers prized all this stuff and assembled an expensive, comprehensive, team to run it all. When he took the bulk of it with him Lennon, who has always publicly disdained this stuff, made no effort to rebuild it.

Ange spoke brilliantly the other day about seeing his long term future at the club, and so we can assume from this that these are foundations he intends to be around to build on, and that’s excellent from the club’s point of view.

Celtic needs that. We need that stability and continuity, and we need to know that what we spend time building won’t just as quickly be taken down. This is not just about the short term success of Celtic but for something much grander.

All the news right now is good. A couple of signings will have us all doing cartwheels.

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