Bizarre Jubilation In La-La-Land As The Non-Rebuild Continues At Pace.

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What have we been saying on this site?

That Ibrox’s board had no idea how to rebuild the team in the summer.

So what have they done instead?

They’re keeping the band together for one last crack at Top Of The Pops. Davis has already signed a new deal. So too has Arfield. McGregor almost certainly will, and Balogun has been offered one.

Today Connor Goldson signed his.

I guess the big money move to England didn’t transpire. Well, there’s a shock, right?

Did this guy really think top EPL sides would be lining up to throw big bucks at him? Apparently so. In the end, Ibrox was able to make him a better offer than any of them. How disappointed he must be.

This is a club hastily resigning ancient assets. Arfield is 33. Davis is 37. Goldson is a mere 29; by the time his contract ends he’ll be 33.

Are these guys set to improve with age?

Balogun is 33. McGregor is 40.

What does signing them up tell you about the plans for the future?

It shows how much faith there is inside Ibrox in whatever plan Ross Wilson had for the rebuild.

The Ibrox fans are ecstatic at this news, although most neutral observers rate Goldson as no more than an average player.

They were so convinced that he was leaving that the papers were touting the return of Niko Katic as a possible answer just yesterday; watch how quickly they move now to get him off the wage bill.

There is an element of believing their own hype to this, of course.

This, after all, is the Ibrox team which “almost eclipsed the Lions” and so there’s a part of this which is grounded in their belief that the team was simply unlucky not to win the lot last season rather than simply being outclassed by a superior Celtic side, and one which is set to get better.

By that token, there seems to be some bizarre logic behind all this … but theirs was a team which flopped.

It won a single trophy, the Scottish Cup, and needed extra time in both the semi-final and the final. Its record of seven wins in twenty-one European games is one that is yet to be given the sort of rigorous examination by the media that it deserves.

And none of us should be holding our breath waiting for that, of course.

I think this bodes well for us in the coming campaign.

Ibrox is rolling the dice one last time on its ageing band of misfits. In the meantime, the title winners are putting in places the pieces to make us even stronger for what lies ahead, and those are your choices in football.

You can move forward or stand still, and standing still is the equivalent of moving backwards of course. It’s clear to see who the forward thinking club is right now, and it ain’t them.

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  • larsson7 says:

    All the “resigned “ over 30!s will be on reduced terms,Goldson,”nobody wants me,”so I had to stay,he’s not the player he thinks he is.poor in the final.
    Angies “We never stop” Sevco are standing still,long may it continue.

  • Tam says:

    Will Goldson’s new contract expire before the, Police investigation,”the rangers investigation,and the ,SFA/SPFL investigation into the match at Ibrox.MMMMM ………DON’T think so

    • Martin H. says:

      Thought goldson was going to villa, Davis must be punching the air, nobody of any standing wanted these guys regardless of what the media tells us, if they are staying, that means they are not signing replacements.

  • The Shugster says:

    No wonder they call themselves Old Firm

  • John A says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure of us pushing on too much. Previous with this board albeit minus lawwell tells me they don’t follow through. Hope I am wrong though.

    • LadyGreybush says:

      January should tell you it’s a different board. Ange isn’t a Yes Man, if he gets cocked around, he’ll leave and tell everyone why.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Is the celtic ghirls cup double eclipse old rangers cup winners cup, meaning its a better result. HH

  • harold shand says:

    Had ‘ Premier League interest ‘ but chooses to stay put because he’s got a ” Winning Addiction ”

    That’s some spin

  • Robert Jenkins says:

    Would not be surprised if Goldson’s contract has a release cause (£5 million?) in it so the Huns can get some money instead of him just walking away.

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