Celtic Fans Don’t Care About Player Valuations, Only What These Guys Do For Us.

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The story today about Liel Abada and his former manager sticking a £17 million valuation on his head is not something Celtic fans care all that much about.

It is nice to know that people in the business of valuing players – i.e. not stupid hacks – rate the guy that highly, but honestly; who’s interested? We aren’t selling him any time soon and the idea holds no appeal.

I know that these issues obsess the Ibrox fans at the moment, slapping Monopoly money style numbers on their footballers, but this is not what impresses us. We are more concerned with what players can do for us on the pitch than how we “manage our assets.”

Listen to the manager talk; we’re building something here.

I am more interested in other numbers; how many goals these guys score, how many they create, how many wins they are responsible for, how many points they help us pick up and trophies that they are responsible for winning.

I never look at Abada and see a heavy transfer fee somewhere down the line, or Kyogo or Giakoumakis and try to tote up their ratio of goals per hundred grand or any of that other nonsense.

We’re football fans. We’re not slavish corporate yes-men.

This summer has shown the media to be more interested in the money Bassey is worth than what he brings to the Ibrox team.

That’s how I’ve always looked at.

If we have a player worth £30 million, then he’s surely a player worth trying to hang onto; I’ve never seen the price tag or the valuation as the be-all-and-end-all of a player’s worth.

If a player is agitating for a move, then their value takes on some more importance, but that is not the case for a single player currently at the club and who forms part of Ange’s plans. The media can write all of this stuff about us that it wants, but there’ll be no frisson of excitement from our fans … just a weary wish that they let us enjoy the football.

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  • MarkE says:

    Be hoping to keep this team together for at least 3 years, and add to it.

  • Johnny Green says:

    The only time a valuation is pertinent is when a player is up for sale and, as always, they are only worth what the buying team is prepared to pay for them…..end of.

  • Seppington says:

    I want us to keep our best players but I understand the bright lights and big bucks come calling and that the club will come out with the usual “did all we could to convince them to stay” schtick, “grudgingly” accepting more Dembele dollar-level fess that may alleviate their pain if not ours. As much as I’d love Kyogo, Carter-Vickers, O’Riley, Juranovic, etc. to be here in 3 years the likelihood is that one will be gone at the very least and the club’s coffers be swole.
    Yet somehow the huns dream of this happening at their club and are beyond desperate to sell one of their duds for a bigger fee than anything we’ve managed to get. So obsessed with bragging rights and putting Timmy in his place are they that they would willingly weaken their own team and thus lessen it’s chances of winning. They truly are a different species.
    The fact that this is even a story in the first place is utterly ridiculous. They’d have been as well asking wee Shuggie doon the road for his valuation for all the relevance that either opinion has in the grand scheme of things. Yet more media barrel-scraping for column inches…

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