Celtic Transfer Stories And Men With Crystal Balls.

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The story of the night turned out to be a non-story after all, eah?

But by God, it got a lot of ink didn’t it?

Have you ever seen something with so little substance go viral so quickly?

The Juranovic story is a clear-cut example of social media eating itself.

Romano’s tweet contained not a single bit of actual information.

The words “expected to” leave so much wiggle room that I am half tempted to start my own internet rumour based on them. Nothing ever needs to come of it, that’s the beauty of being so vague.

The Daily Record is “expected to” write something sensible one day … good luck with the waiting on that.

One thing has become clear over and over down through the last year or so; nobody is really “in the know” to the extent some people credit guys like this. Romano tweets hundreds of times a day. And he’s never wrong?

Recycling information on a never ending loop is how he built 8 million Twitter followers to begin with, and I had a good look at his feed last night. There’s not a whole lot of insight on it.

Instead what you see are nods to the sources from which he takes the vast majority of his information.

This isn’t a guy switched on and plugged in to what’s going on at every club. No-one has that kind of access. Look closely and you’ll see that he’s a guy who simply sifts through stuff which is already in the public domain.

And when he can’t get it, I wonder if he’s perhaps inclined to email certain “in the know” locals to ask them.

And you know what that means, right? This guy is only as good as the sources he relies on.

So who are his sources in Scottish football?

This guy is based in Milan. So who do you reckon he knows in Glasgow? What if you found out tomorrow that his Glasgow sources include Keith Jackson and Mark Pirie? Or Alan Nixon? Or someone worse?

Cause either he has local sources – and none of us trusts them – or he’s got a crystal ball.

Or maybe he just talks crystal balls.

All I know is that last night whilst this absolute non-story was trending everywhere and people were flapping about it, a handful of us were urging restraint, caution and pointing out that Juranovic himself is happy at Celtic and Celtic is happy with him.

The big question of the night – who exactly is it who expects him to move? – remains unanswered.

Which means it could be coming from Hugh Keevins.

Still trust everything you see on Twitter?

No, me neither.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

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  • Frankie says:

    So true James the only person who knows is the player himself, can this Romano look into people’s minds .The only thing possibly true is the sevco players resigning total ages combined are older than the pyramids.

  • MarkE says:

    I seen a headline while sifting through Celtic news from the record putting a £15m price on Juranovic.

    The player has just proved that his league form with Celtic is just as good when up against the best in the world playing for his national team, Croatia, in the Nations League recently; they took 4 points from France over two games, and with Juranovic playing out of position as Left Back in one of the ties!

    He’s a versatile player, equally comfortable playing on the right as he is on the left, can handle the games biggest players, yet we’re to believe his potential transfer value is below that of players with a fraction of his ability!?

    £15m is peanuts in todays game for a player who can compete with any opponent! If he was playing in one of the ‘cash rich 5’ European leagues, that £15m would easily be quadrupled, and he’s proven he’s more than capable of handling those leagues!

    I wouldn’t entertain anything below £30m for him, but would be looking for much more, not that i want to lose him!

    Celtic got one of the bargains of the century when signing him for €3m, a player just coming into his prime with his best years ahead of him, and Ange has brought his best game out of him!

  • SSMPM says:

    WTF? A headline on Celtic News from the record putting a £15m price tag on Juranovic? I’ll say that again, from the record. What is the matter with you? And now a discussion about the £15m price tag the record says is the valuation is going on. There is no £15m price tag, you quoting a headline from the record, the voice piece of anti Celtic hunnery. Help ma boab

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