Celtic’s Climb Up The Biggest Brands In Football Burst Ibrox’s Self Important Bubble.

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Yesterday was a weird day, as there was plenty to write about in Celtic cyberspace and a lot going on elsewhere. I had half an eye on the ball, and it was a minor miracle that I was able to produce anything at all on the football … so I missed a couple of things.

One of the things I missed was the story about how Celtic has, again, found its way into the top brands in football list. That is a measure of the comeback we orchestrated last season, and a triumph for everyone involved.

It is also a measure of a vastly elevated global footprint due to several factors, but high amongst them is our new exposure in the east.

Japan and Australia know who we are now better than they ever have.

The Ange Victory Tour will further enhance the strength of Celtic abroad. It reminds us all that we are a bigger global football name than any other club in Scotland.

In fact, you can only imagine what size we would be if we were based in England or had access to their TV market. We would be, on our own, what it has taken foreign owners to turn Manchester City into.

A handful of clubs – Liverpool and United are the main two – have the ability without artificial enhancement, to be what are … a genuinely iconic name. Our limits are only about the environment we operate in. Nothing more.

And for all that, we still manage to get ourselves onto lists like this. It’s not simply being in the top 50 either. In terms of the overall, we are at 44. In terms of strength of the brand, we’re at 18th … which is up from 31st last season.

This is an incredible feat considering where we play our game.

Of course, the light it casts on that other club in this country, which thinks it is special, is a harsh one. They didn’t make the top 50 despite reaching a European final. This demonstrates again that they are a West of Scotland football club appealing to a tiny demographic outside of this nation. They have no truly global presence or reputation beyond here.

I said in one of my earlier articles that they have kidded themselves about being a major name as a result of that run. The list of clubs who have made the Europa League Final in the last 20 years – including ourselves which they all seem to overlook – includes Braga, Middlesbrough, Fulham and other minor teams who in no way are big names.

Celtic is a big name.

This was a list commissioned by a top organisation which knows this business inside out, and they are not in it in spite of their European exploits and we are, and not only are we in it but we went up the list from last year.

It’s time some Peepul stopped deluding themselves.

We’re the club with the global footprint.

If we can improve our European form it will be bigger still.

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    Hear hear, any sevconians reading that are like;
    ‘Aye okay fair anuff, but We are STILL the maist successful klub inda world, int we’
    Some folk will never learn James, so best just get on with it and leave them to their delusions. LOL

  • Zed says:

    This is exactly why I find it incredible that our Board of Dinosaurs can’t see out of the prehistoric Old Firm brand. The fans have evolved why can’t they.

  • John McFeviyy says:

    You tell a new club formed in 2012 they are simply the best and so on they’re moronic bigoted fan base will believe rgat unicorns are real and I’m Brad Pitt, what a shambles of a club whose international fan base is. In Govan and the Shankill Road

  • Mr Ian Costello says:


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