Embarrassment For Boyd And The Record As They Get Themselves In A Twist Over Morelos.

Image for Embarrassment For Boyd And The Record As They Get Themselves In A Twist Over Morelos.

I want you to read the following, as it appears on The Record’s website.

“Kris Boyd insists Rangers are in a strong position if they decide to cash in on Alfredo Morelos as the Colombian still has two years left on his Ibrox deal.”

I read that and thought “wait a second … no he doesn’t.”

Apparently The Record sports writer – Gavin Berry – did not.

And if you were confused by that, or better yet, laughing at the mix-up, it gets worse.

“Former Ibrox marksman (Boyd) says the fact Morelos has a contract until 2023, unlike other key men at the club such as Joe Aribo who are entering the final 12 months of their deals, is a huge positive if they decide to sit down with suitors over a move.”

I had to read that a couple of times to make sure I was seeing it right.

They think Morelos has two years left on his deal, but that it ends in 2023?

Are they really that bad at maths?

Can they really not know what every other person in this country does?

That his deal is up in 12 months just like those other players? That’s a hugely embarrassing mistake.

But whose mistake? Boyd’s? Well, we know that Boyd if a complete moron, but does he really think that Morelos still has two years left on his deal? Or is it the fault of the writer who listened to Boyd on Sky this morning and tried to turn his garbled mess of a statement – that Ibrox holds all the cards but that they might need to sell anyway – into something vaguely coherent?

Either way, this is a shambles from the paper and the Village Idiot School Reject at the same time, a complete mess which sums up the overall attitude towards this matter. Morelos is out of contract next summer.

The club is going to have to punt him and the longer they persist with fantastical valuations the more likely it is that he leaves for free.

Ibrox is holding a weak hand and playing it badly.

The idea that they can afford to take their time on this one is for the birds. It is amazing to me that the paper, and Boyd, think that it’s possible to do so and humiliating for them that they obviously can’t count.

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  • harold shand says:

    Daily Record Sevco messenger boy Gavin Berry raging and printing any old sh*te after watching Bernabei land as another signing comes for us

  • John Copeland says:

    Spare a thought for Gavin Berry. He was one of three Record Rangers’ reporters sent to Seville.
    Berry was the DP the director of photography for the fading newspaper. How do you expect him to combine two jobs at once! One a world class cinematographer,and the other a world class Rangers’ supporting glorified typist? The poor wee thing!!

  • Frankie says:

    But James 2+2=5 how sky still employ this numpty god only knows, the best signing ever according to him was the guy that missed the penalty can’t remember his name because that does not matter comes across on sky as the brains trust about football, should maybe keep his embarrassing mouth shut, complete tube.

  • john clarke says:

    Fantastic Photo. Another one of a ref laying down the law with his index finger up in the air.
    Possibly a very threatening and frightening gesture to confront a Colombian.
    Could be the body language of “watch it son…I have a gun”.
    Wake-up Refs…its a game played by adults…and don’t shout at the players.

  • John Copeland says:

    Did you know in the Daily Record print edition,there are six Rangers’ roving reporters Keith Jackson, David McCarthy, Gavin Berry,Scott McDermott,Fraser Wilson and Andy Newport. God only knows how many are employed by the online edition! Why is it deemed appropriate to employ as many reporters by a national newspaper to cover a tribute act football company!! Anyone? Maybe comparing notes or something!!!

  • Martin says:

    He has 55 years left on his contract…

    Sevco and numbers, a really awful combination.

  • Effarr says:

    Remember, they are not Sevco any more, they are Old Firm FC. Give them what they claim, remember “We are Old Firm.”

    Initially, I thought it was a caption competition and your first few words were what Collum said to Moreofaloser.

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