Ian McCall Is Not A Neutral In The Cinch Debate. He’s An Ibrox Stooge With An Axe To Grind.

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Man oh man, Mark Pirie of The Record is having one of those days. His latest piece is just as bad as those quoiting which I wrote about earlier.

It is about how Ian McCall has seemingly backed Ibrox in their dispute with the SPFL.

This isn’t news. Ian McCall has such a reputation as a pro-Ibrox puppet that he ought to have a blue clad arm up his arse. The idea that he has ever taken anyone’s side against them in any debate or dispute, however in the wrong they are, is absurd at best.

Not only that, but asking his views on the SFA is like asking someone who’s just been stung to offer an opinion on wasps.

He is still smarting from the SPFL decision, in 2020, to relegate Partick Thistle on a points-per-game basis when the league came to a premature end, which nobody had wanted to do and which was only arrived at with great reluctance.

I’ve always wanted to know what bubbling fools like him, and those at Hearts who even now like to throw it about as proof of the incompetence of those in charge, would have done instead.

A points per game average was the only fair way it could be done.

McCall has carried the grudge ever since, so asking him to give a neutral take on the cinch dispute was daft in the first place, even if you ignore the fact that he’s a long term Sevco apologist.

He speaks for no-one but himself and the others like him who think Ibrox can do no wrong, or who have some axe to grind against the SPFL board. On this one they have acted with total weakness and gross incompetence, but no-one in the game can be unaware that this whole thing was needlessly provoked by Ibrox itself for no other reason than to start a fight.

They put themselves first as usual, and whatever I think it says about Doncaster and MacLellan that they have consistently allowed Ibrox to get away with this sort of stuff, it should never be forgotten that it was the club itself which decided to cynically exploit the moment for their own ends and put other clubs at risk.

Their egotism and sense of grievance endangered a major commercial contract, which would have had major consequences for those others and they didn’t give a toss. McCall and other pro-Ibrox jokers might want to ignore that, but others won’t forget.

For anyone to ask this guy’s opinion – and it wasn’t Pirie who did, he simply copied the story from elsewhere and put a bit of spin on it – on this issue is hard to credit.

That anyone thinks what he had to say is worth hearing is even stupider than that.

In light of the bizarre battle between Ibrox and Hampden it’s worth taking a look back at the A-Z of Scottish Football Scandals … check out our extensive article by clicking on this link. It is amazing how many of these involved Ibrox.

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  • Tony B says:

    He was wheeled out to spout his pish on Off the Ball today, so one has to assume it’s all orchestrated by the BBC.

    I have no idea what he said, since I turned it off as soon as I heard his sour petted lip narrow minded parochial voice.

    One look at his coupon and one listen to the whiny voice is enough for any reasonable man.

    Scoddland’s finest. This is why in football terms the country remains in the Dark Ages.


      Wtf are you even doing listening to or watching BBC’s regional branch office for.

      They are worse than the rest of Scottish media put together.
      With the print media you have to consciously decide to part with your ‘hard earned’ to be able to read it. However the the License Fee is nothing but an unofficial Tax that you don’t have to pay. Tell then to GTF. They can do SFA to force you to pay. Get clued up. Check out U-Tube for the legal process for kicking them into touch.

      I can never understand Celtic supporters, and those from the other non Sevco clubs for that matter, actually paying to have the piss ripped out of them. Are they all masochists.

      Sevco are the Establishment team. They must be projected as Scotland’s biggest and most important team. Their Board and fans must be placated at all costs.

      Tells you all you need to know about what the Establishment thinks about us, not just us Tims, Catholic or otherwise, but the rest of Scotland’s population. We all must take a back seat to protect them. Our views don’t count. Don’t finance them. Don’t read, listen or watch them. You’ll never find anything that respects your allegiances or point of view. Read the blogs, listen to podcasts, not just football. Search out other non partisan news sources.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    scotlands sevco media shame. never ever let them forget what they printed and reported in 2012 for once it was the truth.

  • harold shand says:

    So predictable , all the obedient little hun dogs hearing the whistle from their owner Park ,,

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Worse kind of orc is McCall knew so of his cousins bitter ! Bitter they were and he can never hear our our name mentioned with saying ” ranjurz” it’s an illness that club always seeking our validation and relevance! Its so needing and pathetic! The dig at Jamsey Forrest was also cause Jamesy Is a Celtic player McCall cant help it he a little wannabe intellectual also! God help us! We all know his kind bitter little man, tho he pretty shit at his own job that’s for sure

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Some of his cousins

  • Starman says:

    Pish STAINED JAKEY Gamblin Wanker!!

  • John S says:

    Is there a debate ? The Ibrox club scorned the deal. They’re not due a sou. Other clubs can now sort out their own sponsors.

  • Johnbhoy says:

    The year sevco were in the 4th tier they were against Forfar in the league Cup. Mc Call was commentating on the neutral BBC, sevco could play any of their new signing til the 1st of September. Forfar won 2-1,Mc Call was raging. I will never forget his rant. Forfar didn’t Rangers its the rules that beat Rangers.

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