Ibrox’s Strategy To Rip The Title From Celtic Is To Build A Physically Imposing Team.

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It’s hard to know what to make of the swirl of transfer stories around Ibrox, just as it’s hard to know what to make of the swirl of nonsense around Celtic.

The news today that Semedo isn’t on our target list, far less about to sign, demonstrates what I’ve said over and over again; trust nothing in this window until it’s announced on the official site.

Nobody knows what we’re doing behind the scenes.

Everyone is playing a guessing game.

What we do know is that the business is ramping up and that we’re trying to deliver in multiple positions before pre-season training starts. The names themselves matter less … we’ve definitely got priority targets but the press is only speculating on who they are.

Over at Ibrox the picture is confused by another element; their lack of funds and their burning need to move players on before they can bring in anyone of real quality.

Nevertheless, the players they are linked with so far all fit a certain type, just as we’re looking at left backs and the defensive midfield. That tells you a little something.

Last season, Van Bronckhorst set out his plans for the future; he wants a team that is capable of outmuscling rival teams.

He wants forwards who can hold the ball up. He wants guys who can play a physical game. Their football is not sexy; it is brute force ugly … but if it’s also effective their fans aren’t going to give a damn.

The signing targets linked with them so far have mainly been big guys, the sort who aren’t easily pushed around, the kind who bully opposition footballers. In short, he’s building their team for next season on the old British model, looking to sign bruisers … and that’s something we should be keeping a close eye on.

I’ll take our team building plan over theirs any day, but we do need to be alert as to how they intend to play in the next campaign, and especially against us.

We shouldn’t, under any circumstances, be trying to match this lunacy … but we should be thinking about how to beat it.

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  • Frankie says:

    Signing knuckledraggers like their fans will never beat classy players that we have.

  • Tony B says:

    At least Madhun won’t be around next season to give carte blanche to the sevco hammer throwers.

    Mind you there’s still cheatin Beaton et al.

  • Jim says:

    This has been their way since Gerrard walked in the door. Big, fit knuckle-draggers. Well-drilled, playing high-press. GVB looked like he was going to try something a bit different initially, but when he got skelped at Parkhead he reverted back to the Gerrard-Beale system.

    McGregor, O’Riley and Turnbull are capable of playing through their press (I don’t think Hatate is, unless he can go up a gear) but our Achilles heel is the central defenders. Starfelt plays like a short-circuiting robot when passing near his own penalty box. CCV better, but very predictable. This is why Julien cannot be ignored.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Traditionally they were always a way more physical than Celtic. We have got to make sure we have a good balance between skill and physical strength. Get that right and our skill will always overcome physical strength. The only fly in the ointment can be the refereeing in Scotland that can condone physical assaults on skilful players a lot more than in other countries.

  • SSMPM says:

    We didn’t win the league because our own players weren’t as pants as theirs. We won it on merit and should’ve learned by now to trust in the gaffer who has always said that this is only the start. That’s where you always begin and he took us from nothing to something.
    I do agree though that Julien shouldn’t be disregarded if he remains at the club nor any other CB that Ange decides is good enough to fit in his system. There’s always room for positive criticism but right now is where we’re at, league champions, and we should trust in Ange’s judgement and development planning. If he says its Starman and CCV for now then let’s get behind him and our progressively improving and stylish football team.

    • Roonsa says:

      We did win the League on merit. However, the last game against the chimps at CP was torturous. If they’d nicked a winner (which wouldn’t have flattered them), you’re looking at a 4 point turnaround – the number of points we won the League by (albeit with a vastly superior goal difference).

      I expect Celtic to be much better next season. Next season is the season of Jota. I feel it in my bones. He is going to cut the SPFL up. He is going to be a superstar. As a result, the League race won’t be as tight as it was last season regardless of how many decisions that shower of hod carriers are gifted.

  • Roonsa says:


  • Johnny Green says:

    There are exceptions, but generally speaking a good big yin is better than a good wee yin. This is particularly true for defenders and we should always strive to get big yins at the back in all four positions.

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