Ignore The Dire Record Article On The “Value” Of Celtic’s Squad. It’s Absolutely Pathetic.

Image for Ignore The Dire Record Article On The “Value” Of Celtic’s Squad. It’s Absolutely Pathetic.

How can you spot someone in “journalism” who learned his trade cutting and pasting? Easy. That will be revealed in the quality – or lack thereof – in the work.

Over and over again, these people return to their roots.

The results are tragic for the profession.

One of the worst hacks in the country is Mark Pirie at The Daily Record. His work is often of a standard so low that a school paper wouldn’t even publish it. Yesterday he posted a piece on the transfer values of our squad.

Today he’s done one on the values of the players at Ibrox. Both pieces are absolutely awful. They are cut and paste jobs, and not only that but they are cut and paste jobs from one of the worst sites out there;

I’ve noticed that a lot of our sites continue to quote the nonsense on there. You only have to look at some of the valuations to understand how ridiculous and off most of them are. You would be as well using the valuations off FIFA or Football Manager.

Pirie uses the articles to suggest that Kent is a better player than we know he is, and that their squad is work £20 million more than ours … and this even without the preposterous Bassey transfer valuation. ( has him at a £900,000.)

What Pirie has done with these two article is the worst form of journalism there is. There is nothing whatsoever to credit an article like that, it’s a hits grab. The valuations on that site have no basis in reality at all. It has Callum McGregor at just over £6 million … anyone knows that we could sell him, right now, for four times that.

He did it because he’s lazy and because he lacks the skills to do real work. He did it because increasingly that’s what that paper does. That they publish such pitiful fare day in day out should tell you what the skill-set of the average writer there is.

It’s embarrassing, and it’s damaging to the business of journalism itself.

In light of the bizarre battle between Ibrox and Hampden it’s worth taking a look back at the A-Z of Scottish Football Scandals … check out our extensive article by clicking on this link. It is amazing how many of these involved Ibrox.

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  • Frankie says:

    This guy should be chasing butterflies in a very large field.

  • Seppington says:

    Should ended the article title a bit sooner James…

    “Ignore the Dire Record.”

    That’s more like it.

    The Record aren’t even trying to be a real paper anymore, they (and the rest of their ilk) know they’re living on borrowed time in an industry that has nine toes in the grave at this point. “Pathetic” doesn’t begin to describe them. Ignoring them and their fantasist prodaganda would be for the best….


      Thought I had spotted a spelling error then y’a belter.
      Got it. Will use it if that’s OK.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    STOP putting stories or links on here, linked to that “thugs and thieves rag”. HH

  • harold shand says:

    He’s not a journalist , somebody at that hun rag was sh*gging his sister or his maw and gave him a job to sit on the internet copying stories

  • Bob (original) says:

    I’ll miss the Daily Record when it’s gone… not. 🙂

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