It’s Already Clear That Celtic’s Off-Field Rebuild Is Hitting High Gear This Summer.

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The news, which broke late last night, about Harry Kewell coming in to join Ange’s coaching team is brilliant for the club and for the manager. The rebuild is now fully underway, both on and off the pitch.

Players are being signed and scouted, and deals progressed … but I think a lot of us are equally pleased to see that the non-playing side is getting some love.

Ange’s policy in the first season was to work with what was available to him, and to look for areas where the backroom team could be improved.

The success he had has led to the club making a full commitment to his vision; this is another momentous decision and one that I think will pay major dividends for us in both the immediate and long term.

Our club is being transformed, and the man at the centre of the vision has only been at Parkhead for a year. None of us would ever have believed that he could turn it around at such speed, nor that this board would give him the sort of backing that it has.

Ange has obviously taken a look at every area of the football operation, and he knows where the weaknesses are and he’s starting to fix them. It is methodical and disciplined. This is why I expect it to be a success.

It’s like his quest to bring in players, and his astonishing success rate at signing them. He knows what he needs for each role, and he isn’t interested in anyone who doesn’t tick very specific boxes. He is going about it all brilliantly.

Kewell adds to a coaching team which, let’s face it, exceeded our expectations last year. But the coaching team always needed some new blood, because with the expansion of our ambitions there is an expansion of our needs.

Players will need to be worked harder, and better, than ever before as we prepare for the Champions League.

It’s great that this is a guy Ange knows and trusts and has worked with too.

It adds to the work that’s being done on scouting, on medical and on analytics … all areas where standards had been allowed to slip to an unacceptable degree.

This is much more like it. This revolution is picking up speed.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    It doesn’t really matter what we think of the new appointments, as long as Ange is employing people that he trusts and is comfortable with, people that assist him and make his life easier, then we can only buy into it and watch it evolve with interest as the season progresses. As always the proof will be in the pudding.

  • Cyril Donohoe says:

    I wonder is the reason a lot of players being bought who are mostly young is for resale? its being the club model for some time n a very successful one,what we have seen do far with Anges acquisitions are excellent prospects as far as that is concerned ,rebuild totally necessary and a grt manager in place to get right quality

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