Juranovic: The Discredited Celtic Transfer Story That Simply Refuses To Die.

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When Romano sent out his now notorious tweet, this site was one of the only ones which didn’t jump on the bandwagon and report it as a fact. It was not a fact. It contained not one single bit of verifiable information. At the centre of it was a simple contention; that the player was “expected” to leave Celtic before this transfer window closed.

All this site did, and all it continues to do, is ask a simple question; who is it who “expects” this? Nobody inside Celtic does. The player doesn’t. Nor do his agents.

They are the only three parties in this whose view of the situation matters a damn.

So I repeat; who is it who expects this to happen?

Who except whoever Romano talked to?

And as we’ve asked here over and over again in the last few weeks, who is that? Who are his Scottish sources? If I told you that they were Keith Jackson and Mark Pirie, would you believe a word that he tweeted again? The almost universal view that this guy “is in the know” has carried this story to absurd heights, and it continues to generate news.

It continues to generate news even now, when it has been utterly discredited.

It continues to generate news even when it has been proved to be manifestly false.

And like any lie – and I have no problem calling it that – it mutates as it spreads.

Atletico Madrid were thrust into the story yesterday.

What a shock for those outlets which promoted that latest total untruth to have it collapse so completely within the space of 24 hours, with the news from their own club that their priority is selling players before they even think about who they are going to bring in.

Other suggestions that we had slapped a £15 million price tag on Juranovic have been flatly denied by his own representatives. Brick by brick this story has collapsed. And still it will not die. Still it continues to grow and spread.

It might be the most ridiculous story of the window yet. “Josip Juranovic facing Celtic transfer waiting game” screams the Record, as though the player hasn’t said he’s doing no such thing, as if his agent hasn’t expressly denied this, as though Celtic itself is desperate for cash and in need of selling the player.

Not for a long time have I seen such a non-story generate such heat. Someone said to me the other day that there’s no smoke without fire; that’s a nonsense in this case because this is all smoke and there’s no substance to any of it.

Clubs are interested in the guy. It would be a shock if they weren’t, but interest rarely in football translates into an actual bid because these clubs will be looking at other players too and many of them will be cheaper than this guy would be since he’s got four years on his deal still to run and we have no need to sell.

Celtic fans should stop giving this dire story oxygen.

The foundations of it have proved to be as rotten as this website said they were.

Romano’s tweet contained one fact, one morsel of truth, which is that Juranovic had an excellent first season in Scotland … and that’s exactly why some of the hacks are desperate to keep this going.

Which is all the more reason why we should finally seek to kill it.

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  • Michael Edward McDonald says:

    Please Celtic supporters stop buy Scottish papers, they don’t have a clue what’s happened @ Celtic Park

  • Tony B says:

    Everything in the sevco supporting lickspittle lackey media is designed to keep the dumb huns happy and avoiding thinking about the dire situation the 10 year old club is in.

    Pish and bollocks as usual, but then the sevcvnts are the dumbest fans in football.

  • Seppington says:

    After the season he’s had and his recent international exploits £15m is a pathetically low fee to have dreamt up so to me that proves it’s been made up by a hun hack with the intention of putting worry into Tim hearts. As far as I’m concerned we should be offering him an improved deal with a £25m release clause at the very least.

    Desperate hun fuds….

  • Johnny Green says:

    Any story, fabricated or not, that helps enhance the valuation of a Celtic player is a good thing in my eyes. Suddenly Juranovic is worth at least 15m as a starting point for any potential bidders, that’s good no?

    The player himself is obviously not affected by the rumours, Celtic have also partially quashed them, but his agents have given them a bit of credence by stating that they have received interest from teams from five different leagues. Enquiries of course are quite different to concrete bids, but they are still relevant, and so the interest is at least real.

    The whole scenario screams that It is quite obviously mischief making from the media, but that in itself can have fringe benefits down the line. As long as we all see through their intentions, I’m cool with it.

  • Johnny Green says:

    You don’t like views that disagree with yours, do you James? That’s a bit sad.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Oops, remove that last comment please, I thought my previous post had been removed.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I actually have quite a laid back attitude towards the Scottish media as I have always been aware of their propaganda and generally find myself saying, oh here we go again, more nonsense etc. etc. However, at the same time I always feel a bit grateful that they are that way, for they inadvertently contributed to the death of Rangers in 2012. By ignoring the shenanigans at Ibrox and feeding the Bears with feelgood pish, their club died right under their noses and I am always hoping that we will get a repeat of that. So in my opinion, give them enough rope and they will hoist themselves with their own petard

    • Seppington says:

      You and I may see through their prodaganda but unfortunately too many folk still believe what they read in the papers. I’d rather have a real media that does it’s job properly and reports the truth regardless if it makes for uncomfortable reading for some.

    • Martin H. says:

      Another hack trying unsettle one of our players, even before the season starts.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Aye Seppington, I get you, but let’s have another liquidation event first and make the Celtic Nation ecstatically happy all over again.

  • cheezydee says:

    Could maybe stop keeping it going too?

  • Edvardo Mitsingero says:

    Your mate Phil disagrees with you, James …

    His response to his long term poster Terence Nova’s take that Romano is ‘flying a kite’ was

    ‘Fabrizio Romano, unlike yourself, isn’t hiding in anonymity.
    He has a reputation for getting these things spot on.

    ‘Flying a kite’ would damage his reputation.’ …

    All speculation aside, Phil’s response to this poster is outrageous in the extreme, as Terence Nova rightfully points out to him in reply.

    Maybe all those deep dives down those word mines of his are giving him the bends.

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