Pieces Keep Moving For Celtic As The Clock Ticks Down On The Business.

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Two signings almost over the line, but none official yet. Jota is in Portugal saying goodbye to his friends and team-mates and our new left back is due to have a medical.

Two deals are just about over the line. Others are in the pipeline.

At Celtic, things are progressing in one direction; strengthening.

Across the city, all the focus right now is on who they can ship out the door.

I’ll do something on that later, but I’ve never seen a window like it, one where the biggest driver for their club is to get rid of people as quickly as possible but at a price they can sell to their fans.

I expected business to be done on our two huge deals before today. If they aren’t done tomorrow that almost slingshots us into next week … and pre-season training is starts next Thursday.

Nobody is rushing … but the need to do this quickly is known to all.

The manager wanted it this way. He wanted the key elements of this team in place.

Whatever is going on with the defensive midfielder, it has to be progressing swiftly if we’re going to have one in on time for that kick-off. It looks like it won’t be Vinicius Souza; I think all the vibes from that one are too off, and he’s not exactly got his heart set on the idea.

So whoever the target is, he’s one who isn’t already in the public domain.

Ben Davies is the latest name to pop up in the defensive zone; that’s nothing but shit lazy journalism because we made a move for him before.

There is no suggestion either that central defence is a priority or that we’d go backwards for a guy who rejected a move to Parkhead once before. It shows a total lack of imagination from the hacks to recycle that dreck.

If we are interested in a centre-back it will be someone who ticks the right development boxes. Davies was no sooner at Anfield than he was shipped out on loan.

The price-tag is likely to be completely unrealistic and his wages even worse.

It’s been a busy week, and with Bernabei on the brink of signing and Jota with him, and with Siegrist now a done deal, you can see that it’s been a fruitful one.

But we’re not quite there with the plans to the extent many of us believed … but then there’s still a week to go.

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  • Martin H. says:

    The Ben Davies ship has sailed especially at £6.5.

  • Tony B says:

    He had his chance and I hope he is satisfied with his albeit well paid mediocrity.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Davies was indeed a player that snubbed Celtic and he will not get a second chance. His greed cost him a proper successful career path, fkim!

  • john clarke says:

    The Celtic Star says the Bernabei contracts will be signed today. So this is good, Eh!
    Half of Glasgow would have seen the video of his recent ill-temper on the field.
    I did not think Celtic would sign such a player who could lose a game for the team.
    To be fair, both players should have been sent-off. I guess there will be fixers within the coaching and sport science staff. Alexandro is short, lightweight but nippy, tricky and an exceedingly fast mover with the ball under his control. Ranger’s much bigger mid-field men will try to lean on him. Bassey will be all over him like an oversized charity shop coat if he gets a chance. If Alexandro is a champ, I will praise the Club management.
    If the signing does not work out, everyone will blame Ange…NO IFFS OR BUTTS.

  • Effarr says:

    Looks like Jota doesn’t pass the Ange test , I.e., someone who wishes to play for Celtic.
    I doubt if he’ll turn up for work on Monday

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