Sky Sports Is About To Give Celtic Fans A Better Review Of The Season Than The BBC Did

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Today, as we wait to see whatever Celtic has in store for us on the opening one of the window, and with just five days left until the Carter Vickers and Jota deal deadlines, Sky has chipped in a bit of info on a special series they are doing for our fans.

Now, I’ve taken a look and it’s a couple of interviews and a highlights package, so they’ve hardly pushed out the boat here and gone all-in and made us a proper documentary.

But an interview with Ange, one with Callum and a run through our campaign’s goals means that an entire segment is dedicated to our club … and that’s more than the BBC did.

I think that Sky basically treats its Scottish audience like mugs, and I have for a while, but it’s no surprise that they’ve gone further than the BBC, which I think is so bogged down now by the stench of ex-Ibrox EBT recipients that it couldn’t be balanced and objective if it tried.

It’s been pretty clear for a while now that we aren’t getting anything better from them.

Indeed, you get the impression that whatever resources they might have devoted to doing a proper Ange retrospective were earmarked, instead, just in case their favourites actually won the Europa League after their “glory run.”

(Seven wins in twenty-one games folks, don’t forget that.)

I’d have liked to have seen BT Sport do something, but of course they aren’t rights holders and were never going to pay a fortune to Sky to get a deal like that done. They would have done an outstanding and professional and respectful job.

But we’re stuck with Sky, and they at least have gotten the finger out and intend to do something for us. That’s a win anyway, since the national broadcaster couldn’t be bothered doing the same.

Sky isn’t always my favourite organisation, and whilst I’d rather have seen a proper documentary which sought to do this right, I’ll take what they give us because it’s more than anyone else has.

Ultimately, we’re waiting on the club’s commercial department to put something real together. That’s the biggest chance we’ve got of seeing justice done to what that man and his team achieved in the last campaign.

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  • SSMPM says:

    I won’t be watching anything sky puts out, not with idiots like Klit Blob on the payroll and his sectarian bile promoted by them for the last few seasons. They have made their bed and shown who their favoured club and culture is. They’ve promoted them and all the lies as much as possible and all with an anti Celtic slant.
    No doubt it will be a cheap show so let’s not rush to a policy of appeasement

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