The Celtic Fans Don’t Need To Flap Over “Unsigned Deals” Just Cause The Media Does.

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Today it’s the turn of Alison Connell to start flapping over the apparent time it is taking to get the Jota and Carter Vickers deals over the line.

It was, of course, the media who suggested those deals were imminent; all they are doing in effect is panicking over their own stupid timeline. But things don’t work according to their whims.

This is still the holiday season. Jota has been pictured off sunning himself. Players are fully entitled to do that at this time of year. Whatever business is to be done is either done already and merely waiting on the rubber stamp of the window opening or it’s waiting until people come back when it does, and then it’ll be a formality.

There is the buzzing too over Ange’s “unsigned deal” which troubles me even less than the Jota and Carter Vickers ones. He has said – and he has done so repeatedly – that he is happy at Celtic and will be here until the club decides otherwise.

And guess what?

This isn’t Rodgers, who the club knew it needed to tie down because nobody inside the walls believed a word that came out of his mouth; this is a guy the club trusts when he says that.

Celtic is quiet at the moment. Get used to that. There will be a brief flurry of activity between now and the end of the month, but that’s all it will be.

There may be little bits of business over the course of the next eight weeks, but aside from that short spell in which you’ll be refreshing your browsers every ten minutes, expect the calmest summer in years.

All the hacks are doing is justifying their own existence. Trying to create news when there seems to be nothing to write about. To me that only shows how profoundly lazy some of them have become. If clubs are spooning something into their mouths they are lost.

We all have the problem in the close season, but there is always enough happening across the game that the blogs can have their say. If the hacks are bored, then likewise there’s plenty to look into; I’ll prove it later on when I do a little retrospective piece.

What nobody should be doing is over-reacting to time-lines which didn’t exist except in the imaginations of hacks in the first place. The window opens in two days, and then we’ll see what happens. Until then, only the media is hitting the Panic button … some of them are doing it only in the hopes that it’s the rest of us who’ll panic.

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  • MarkE says:

    They do like to muddy the waters, attempt to stir up a storm in calm sea’s. I’d like our media to just report the facts, nothing more, nothing less; its doesn’t seem too much to ask!

    They’ve got this madcap idea that they ‘need’ to sensationalise everything, when in fact it would make no difference at all to who reads their stories, or their readers numbers, to just print basic facts; in fact their reader numbers might actually increase if people knew they were a reliable source of factual information!

    Until that happens, i, like many others, am thankful for the work these types of blogs put out there, some good honest reporting of the day to day goings on at our club, with the odd bit of historical reminiscence of yesteryears Celtic.

  • Peterbrady says:

    This is white noise to deflect the zombies away from the fact it is only a matter of time till the bailiffs are at the auld hoor for monies owed and they cease trading then administration it is coming FACT.

  • SSMPM says:

    Silly billys. A hun paper for the Boris/Trump loving conspirators. Its nothing more than a cartoon comic for big fat caricature liars. Its not about believing the truth or the facts or even presenting the truth or facts. Its just about hatred. Simply an easy read for simpleton haters to further enhance the sectarian hatred in Scotland.
    Good to hear MS slate our governing bodies for their complete inaction sadly followed by a silence as they work out how to get rid of him

  • joseph brown says:

    An old buddy of mine once was a Scottish freelance football writer of some renown .He wrote for various broadsheet papers and magazines . He always took June off every year to play golf , stating “nothing ever happens in June , every one in football is on holiday !
    Don’t believe word you read in the tabloids, especially in June.”
    sound advice , methinks.

  • Rodders says:

    Could the club be readying themselves to announce quadruple signings at the same time as launching their new (money making) strips for the new seaon?

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