The Daily Record’s Curtain Twitching Attack On The Celebrity Celtic Fans In Vegas Is Pathetic.

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Earlier today a friend of mine, who is over in Vegas, sent me a clip of some celebrity Celtic fans appearing at an event over there. One of them is Martin Compston, who actually lives over there. The clip lasted about 20 minutes.

Imagine my surprise to see an extremely clipped version of  it, or one very like it, on The Daily Record website tonight, trying to turn it into some sort of moment of shame for all involved.

The clip is pretty clear; there was a bit of Republican chanting during one of the songs.

But this isn’t a national news story any more than Alfredo Morelos and his missus taking a boat ride was a news story on that same site just last week. It is curtain twitching.

It is virtue signalling from a paper without a shred of credibility amongst our fans.

The online comments which are highlighted are pretty much par for the course for Twitter; people preaching their own morality, many of them probably guilty of much worse in the course of representing their own culture.

I frankly couldn’t care less.

If you want to find stuff to be offended by then Twitter is your go-to.

The easily offended proliferate on that platform.

Let’s be clear.

None of those on stage were joining in with the singing.

They just so happened to be on stage when it was going on, and if they were supposed to stop what they were doing and demand that it ceases then I look forward to seeing the same fury in the press the next time Ibrox fans are engaged in their disgusting racist anti-Irish chants.

In those circumstances, is it the responsibility of their players and managers to walk off the pitch in disgust or walk up to the stands and tell them to stop? And will those players be judged and barracked and subjected to this scrutiny if they don’t?

The song in question was Beautiful Sunday, and I find the IRA add-ons to be utterly moronic and those who do it might as well be braying like sheep.

I can’t express enough how idiotic I think it is (it’s not even Sunday for God’s sake) and I’ve said this time and time again on this site and elsewhere and don’t feel I need to go any further on here.

But honestly, if the hacks are going to get het up over something like this then there can’t be much else going on in the world.

It’s not an attack on IRA chanting, it’s an attack on Celtic fans.

It’s an attack on celebrities who just happen to support our club.

For those reasons, the paper should be embarrassed, but those at The Record are beyond shame.

This is not making a mountain out of a molehill; this is much ado about nothing.

Those on Twitter who are sharing it to condemn it need to get a life.

Compston has recently replied, and I thought he nailed it absolutely beautifully.

If the media expected him in grovel mode he was happy to disappoint them, and nor should he have to grovel or defend himself, having done absolutely nothing wrong.

“Not best pleased to wake up to a story eight hours ahead of me before I’ve had the right to reply. Let me be absolutely clear, I unequivocally did not sing any sectarian songs. I’ve worked in Belfast too long to see damage done to think this stuff is a laugh,” he said.

“If people want to change lyrics to a song that’s sung at Celtic Park, Weddings, Still Game, wherever that’s up to them I’m not the lyric police. If it was an IRA song and I was onstage bobbing along I would understand the story but I’m pretty sure Daniel Boone had nothing more than Beautiful Sundays in mind when he wrote the song and that’s what I was singing.”

And so say all of us.

I always expect the Permanently Offended Of Larkhall to lose their shit over the least little thing, but our press should be more goddamned responsible than this.

In light of last night’s disgraceful SPFL announcement it’s worth taking a look back at the A-Z of Scottish Football Scandals … check out our extensive article by clicking on this link. It is amazing how many of these involved Ibrox.

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    The employees @dr know nothing of being ‘goddamned more responsible’ no unless that’s just happened overnight. Although, I believe you should know better, whereas; they’ll NEVER learn, it’s simply not in their nature, nor profitable for them.

  • harold shand says:

    Just a Sevco P.R company , Park’s bitches

  • Seppington says:

    This has been their news department being told to screw the nut after revealing the “Honoured by the UK Government in Scotland” thing was in fact a total lie and had been paid for by Sevco…

    “Stick ra knife intae ra feenyins if ye waant the cooperation o’ Ibrox….ur else.”

    Fuds leading the Fuds.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    This from people that will march through our streets all summer singing about killing ” kaffilcs”! Disgusting people and plenty in the media and the authorities! Are part of them and enable them and always did!! I hate the add on and any Republican singing not the place and we know its used to equalise the vermin who live to hate and go to govan for it! As that hellhole was and is a breeding ground for hate! Fully endorsed to by oldco and now sevco and it’s all on record ! The willie Waddels , derek johnstone’s, Alex McDonalds Gordon Smith! Yep him! All on tape from ” only a game in 1986″ validating their hate! Waddell even joke about kicking the dog instead of ” the wife”! So no we never be told off but any that scum! Brigadoon Scotland! What a place! Where the hun can do as he/ she like! Aye that be right! Hope Martin Sue’s them

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Validating their hate and ” no catholic ” signing policy! Its all there! But not a peep ever been said on it from this joke media and their a million other stories on that vile club they never go or went near!’No need to wonder why either as they are them!

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