The Juranovic Non-Story Is A Textbook Example of Speculation Trending As News.

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I see there’s some consternation on social media tonight about what is nothing but a throwaway tweet by “respected” journalist Fabrizio Romano.

This guy has 8 million Twitter followers, so he’s not some eejit without a brain in his head being retweeted by other eejits without brains in their heads. But tonight’s Juranovic tweet is … nonsensical.

Look at that would you? It raises more questions than it offers answers.

As Walter Mondale once jokingly asked Gary Hart, “Where’s the beef?”

First, what’s the source of that highly speculative claim?

Expected to leave by who exactly?

The player? His agents?

Neither has intimated any such thing.

Celtic? I very much doubt it.

There is zero prospect of our club willingly letting go a player who is just in the door and especially one Ange values so highly, unless the price tag was obscene which it would need to be.

Secondly, who are these clubs?

You’ll notice that there is not one word, not one piece of actual information, in that tweet.

It’s kite-flying and I don’t care how many Twitter followers that guy has … if he’s going to post something like that it needs to be backed up by something and this isn’t backed up by a single thing that I can see.

It is speculation from an unidentified source and one which runs counter to what the player has publicly said.

Honestly, if that tweet contained a scrap of actual hard info, if it was from a specific source, if it didn’t read like something posted just to get a reaction – how do you think someone, anyone, gets 8 million followers on Twitter in the first place? – I might be inclined to take it seriously.

But why should I when it contains only one verifiable fact, that he had an excellent season for club and for country?

That’s the only thing in that tweet which is grounded in reality and so please, people stop sending it to me and expecting a reaction other than the laughing faces I’ve already posted on the original.

It is a textbook non-story.

And I do not need to wait for Big Ange to confirm that before I treat it like one.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

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  • Tony B says:

    At last someone talking sense about this non story.

    Sadly, Joe McHugh appears to be giving it some credit, as are (not unexpectedly) the sweetie wives on CQN.

    With friends like these………………..

  • Scud Missile says:

    Once again another post deleted on here and videocelts all because the sevco fans are described as daftie (B****S.
    But it’s OK to describe as Zombies or dead people.

    • Jimmy says:

      Video Celts comment section is a Ghost town for a reason. Mcfly wants only sycophants on his site. A number of contributors from this site are barred on his because he dissagrees with them. He obsessed with only himself. A pitiful excuse for a site.

  • TC says:

    To be fair Phil has also given the piece some credit given the scource. It would also give the Calvin Ramsey loan from Liverpool rumour some oxygen. Sincerely hope he stays though.

  • Tommy McQuillan says:

    I’m with you James when I saw the story being posted by other Celtic blogs last night I said right away it was mischief making. There’s no way JJ wants to leave Celtic he’s a champion of Scotland playing in a winning side who’ve got Champions League football to look forward to, if he left Celtic to go the likes of Leicester who I’ve seen quoted as the club looking at him then it’s all about money. He’s on a five year contract with four remaining it would have to be obscene money for Ange to let him go. In my opinion it’s complete balderdash and I think he’ll still be a Celtic player come September when the window closes, the manager’s trying to build something how would it look if he started letting players go? His integrity would be questioned a bit if that was the case and I don’t think he lacks that as he’s always been honest as the day is long. You’re right it’s a joke of a tweet to put out from a guy who really should know better.

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