The Media Has No Idea What Celtic And Jota Are Talking About Behind The Scenes.

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Rumours and counter rumours fly today.

The Daily Record has published one of its typical articles suggesting that there has been a breakdown in talks between Celtic and Jota over personal terms.

But I would imagine those discussions are amongst the most closely guarded secrets in Scottish football.

In short, there is no way they can know that.

All of this is typical of a media which exists largely on the basis of invention and the surmising of things. As I said in the piece on Itakura, the “interest” in him is largely a figment of their imagination, a case of adding up 2 and 2 to get 5.

The player himself knows of the “interest” only through the papers. He has heard nothing concrete.

The Jota and Carter Vickers transfer deals appear to be “dragging on.” In fact, neither is dragging on. The window doesn’t open for another four days. There are nine more days until either deal has to be completed.

I suspect both are already done and that all we’re waiting for is the opening of the window so that they can be formally announced.

Let’s not forget that it was only the media itself which suggested that these deals were to be done “within the week.” Nothing from Celtic remotely hinted at that.

The manager wants them done as quickly as possible, but when the window isn’t even open yet there’s an argument for saying that they can’t be until then.

The media reports that the deals would be announced shortly were weeks ago; is that a measure of Celtic dithering or something else? To me, all it shows is how little direct information they actually have about what is going on behind the scenes.

They are scrambling. And so you get these ridiculous stories, based on nothing but hot air. Do I believe that the media has direct information on what is going on with Celtic transfer negotiations?

No, and you only need to look at the Itakura story for that to become clear.

Almost everything you read in the sports press in Scotland can be filed under Fiction.

This is no exception. They don’t have a clue.

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  • Teapot says:

    Not panicking. Typical media fishing. The player(s) have a right to a holiday and the window hasn’t opened yet for goodness sake.

  • MarkE says:

    I read an article on Vital Celtic earlier which had lifted comments from somewhere that included Celtic(?) fans angry at what they’d been told was the players holding up signing by haggling over their contracts!

    I mean its all a bit ridiculous, someone starting rumours then others taking the bait and venting over it!

    We’ll find out in a few days whats what, no point second guessing whats going on!

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    The Celtic Blog, VideoCelts, Phil MacGiollobhan and E-Tims are the only sites I read. Everything else is noise. HH

    • Seppington says:

      Pretty much ditto for me on those four sites. I’ll occasionally read an article on another site but I generally scroll through CelticNewsNow to see if here of Videocelts has covered the story first. Indycelts is fine enough, as is 67hailhail for the most part. I know Paddy Sinat is a “friend of TheCelticBlog” but I’m not quite sure about VitalCeltic. There are occasional good articles but there’s this habit of making articles from internet comments that feels lazy and clickbaity to me. BornCeltic do it with tweets but Vital makes articles from comments made on their own site which, and maybe this is just me, seems reeealllly ‘baity. And lazy AF. Sorry Paddy if you’re reading this, can’t help how I feel bud.

      As for the SMSM? On the very cusp of complete and utter irrelevance, you’d think they’d stop this kind of self-harm that has undoubtedly cost them thousands upon thousands of readers…..but nope. Huns gonna hun.


  • JimBhoy says:

    Unless there is some serious contractual issues Ange will get his men.If nothing else the pair will be put in the big window and can gain a move to a wealthier club for their next move.

    Knowing Ange he will have a plan B & C to trigger as a just in case.

    The record are in the game of guessing and passing as much negative speculation to Celtic to honour those who actually pay for the Rag.

  • Frankie says:

    That hun rag the record trying to stir up about us signing 2 tremendous players what a case of jealousy never mind they have signed the o.a.p Davies.

  • Eugenio Savelli says:

    Daily rec they no nothing that comes out of celtic park that’s why they make this sh#te up

  • Ryan Ellis says:

    How come Maeda has signed officially then?

    • Seppington says:

      He was on loan to us for the last six months of his contract and officially signed when he was a free agent which you can do outwith a transfer window.

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